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Operating procedures of high-pressure airless spray pump

operating procedures of high-pressure airless spray pump:

1. Mechanical operators and cooperating operators must wear labor protection articles as required, and their long hair must not be exposed. Safety belts must be worn when working at heights, and hard soled shoes and slippers are not allowed. It is forbidden to throw objects from high places

2. When spraying flammable coatings (such as nitrocellulose) with a ignition point below 21 ℃, the spraying pump and the sprayed object should be grounded (connected to zero). The spraying pump shall not be placed in the same room as the spraying operation

3. The special high-pressure hose for spray gun shall not be substituted arbitrarily. The hose joint shall be made of conductive material with specified strength, and its maximum resistance shall not exceed 1m

4. Before operation, check that the motor, electrical appliance and machine body should be well grounded (connected to neutral), and check that the suction hose, loop hose connector and pressure gauge, high-pressure hose and spray gun should be firmly connected

5. No load operation shall be carried out first, and then water or solvent shall be used for operation inspection. Operation can only be carried out after confirming that the noise is low and the operation is normal

6. During the operation, the nozzle of the spray gun shall not be opposite to yourself and others, and it is not allowed to touch the sprayed paint with your hands. Dongsheng new materials company is a high-tech enterprise founded by Mr. Shi Xiaodan, a distinguished expert of the national thousand people plan and a doctor studying in France. If you are injured, you should immediately be sent to hospital for treatment

facing severe energy and environmental challenges 7. The minimum bending radius of high-pressure hose in the spraying process should not be less than 250mm

8. When spraying is stopped during work interruption, the power supply should be cut off, the safety lock of the spray gun should be closed, the pressure should be removed, and the spray gun should be placed in the solvent barrel

9. When the nozzle is blocked, the pressure should be relieved first, the safety lock should be closed, and then the nozzle should be removed for cleaning. When removing the blockage of nozzle hole, bamboo and wood should be used, and hard objects such as iron wire should not be used as a through needle

10. When cleaning the spray gun, do not spray the paint (especially those with a ignition point below 21 ℃) back into the closed container

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