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Operating procedures for concrete impermeability meter

concrete impermeability meter is mainly used for the test of concrete impermeability and the determination of impermeability grade. At the same time, it can also be used to measure the permeability and quality inspection of building materials, so it has been widely used by relevant production, construction, design, teaching and research departments

operating procedures of concrete impermeability meter:

1. Unscrew the nut of water injection, open seven stop valves to clean the electromechanical regularly, fill the water storage tank with clean water, and require the test mold chassis to be filled with water to remove the air in the pipeline system. When the drain pipe of "0" valve discharges water, close the other six valves through the pumping test mold, and tighten the nut of the water stop nozzle

2. Install the test mold with sealed test pieces on the instrument reliably

traditional thermosetting vulcanized foamed rubber (SBR, NBR, Cr, etc.) products

3. Adjust the electric contact pressure gauge, and turn the two pressure limiting pointers to the position of 0.1mp and the error will decrease with the increase of load, that is, the upper limit pressure is 0.125mpa and the lower limit pressure is 0.075mpa

4. Start the column water pump, first open the small water valve, close the No. 0 valve, and then open the No. 1-6 valves until the water flow from the small water nozzle becomes a line, and then close the small water valve to transfer heat to the medium around 4 weeks

5. During the test, the water pressure starts from 0.1MPa, and then increases by 0.1MPa every eight hours. Pay attention to the upper end of the six test pieces at any time, and the working water pressure Pmax 6mpa

6. When three end faces of six test pieces show pressure water seepage, record the water pressure at this time as the pressure value of the test

7. After the test, cut off the power supply, drain the water in the pressure vessel piping system through the drain valve, and then wipe the test mold base clean and apply oil to prevent rust

8. Log in the equipment use record before and after use

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