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Gear machine operating procedures

1. Bevel gear planer: y236 (526), y (5a26)

2. Spiral bevel gear milling machine: y2250, y2280 (528C), 528

3. Gear hobbing machine: Y31 (5a301), yz3120, yz3120/11, Y3150 (Y35). Y3150E,YM3150E,Y37(532),Y38(5 д 32),J38,Y38A,Y,Y3180,Y3180E,Y3180H,J310,Y31125,Y31125,YM31125E,J315,Y320(5342.52),9157,OF-16,OF-10,RA200。

4. Gear shaving machine: y4232c (5714), y4232, y42. The metal materials of each part are also 36, y4245 (5715), y42125a, Sykes, zsa550

5. Gear honing machine: y4650

6. Gear shaper: Y52 (5A12), y5135, Y54 (514), j54, Y54A, y58 (5a150), x218, y5150, 5m14, oh6, vr2b, OH4

7. Spline shaft milling machine: j63k, Y631K, yb6012a, yz6012, yb601656185618a, 5350, yb6012

8. Gear chamfering machine: yj9332, yb93329155, y9250, y93805582

9. Gear inspection machine: y94 (5725m), y9550, y9932

10. Other gear machine tools: chz6804, dcz7509, qd-014

I. carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for metal cutting machine tools

II. Carefully implement the following general regulations on gear machine tools:

1. Check the indexing and hobbing change gears before work, and ensure that there is appropriate meshing clearance, the tooth surface is clean, well lubricated, and firm

2. It is not allowed to set or load the knife mechanically, but manually

3. Carefully implement the following special provisions on gear machine tools:

(I) bevel gear planer:

1. When clamping the planer, check whether the installation height and length of the planer are appropriate with a tool setting board. Prevent the two planers from rubbing against each other

2. When adjusting the feed drum and the shaking table, pay attention to make the marks of both align with the "0" position

3. The bed saddle must be fastened after each movement

4. During rough planing, there is no need to roll cutting movement. The shaking table should be stopped at the middle position (0 o'clock), and the fixed connecting plate should be installed on the spline shaft to replace the swing exchange gear of the shaking table

(II) spiral bevel gear milling machine:

1. Before or during work, pay close attention to whether oil comes from the oil window of the shaking table. If not, stop the machine immediately for inspection

2. The clamping force of the workpiece must comply with the regulations on the machine tool label. If the pressure does not meet the regulations, it is not allowed to work

3. When adjusting the feed drum and the shaking table, pay attention to make the marks of both align with the "0" position

4. The bed saddle must be fastened after each movement

(III) gear hobbing machine:

1. The machine with forward milling and reverse milling must make the hydraulic balance device work to reduce the screw load when doing reverse milling

2. After the slide (or column) is adjusted to the required position and the plate movement and frame angle, it must be fastened

3. It is not allowed to use oil cutting when processing iron castings

4. The chips should be removed frequently to prevent excessive chip accumulation, so as to prevent the chip foam from entering the workbench guide with the cutting oil and damaging the machine tool

5. When the Y320 hobbing machine is aligning the workpiece, the fatigue performance of the welded components without damage when the workbench rotates at a speed of 350000 cycles per minute is also significantly better than that of the riveted parts with only 50000 cycles, which shall not exceed 1 revolution; When the number of hobbing teeth is less than 20, reduce the number of turns of the hob to avoid damaging the worm gear; Pay careful attention to the lubrication signal light on the side of the bed. If the red light is on, it means that the lubrication system is faulty and must be stopped immediately for inspection

(IV) gear shaving and honing machine:

1. For the working stroke length, the zigzag fixture must be adjusted to 5 ~ 10mm wider than the tooth width of the processed gear. Shaving spur gear must choose a larger empty knife position than shaving helical gear

2. After manually adjusting the engagement and side clearance between the cutter and its gear blank, it is necessary to jog for 2 ~ 3 weeks to confirm that it is normal before shaving

3. The machining allowance of gear blank shall not exceed 0.15 ~ 0.20 mm

4. During shaving, the gear shaving knife must be fully cooled

(V) gear shaper:

1. Adjust the gear shaper travel according to the gear blank most correctly, not only to ensure that the gear shaper has enough free travel, but also not to touch the tool, especially when processing duplex gears

2. When using the fast motor to align the tool, the feed pawl must be disengaged first; When using the fast motor to align the gear blank, it is necessary to disengage the tool rotary coupling first

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