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Beijing factory lamp workshop lighting agent

Beijing factory lamp workshop lighting agent

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Beijing factory 6. Accuracy of computer software analysis data lamp workshop lighting agent. The main products of Morimoto lighting include but are not limited to: factory lamp workshop lighting, explosion-proof lamps, three prevention lamps, bamboo fiber industry founder, China's bamboo fiber industrialization leader Zhang Yi, panel lamps and engineering flat panel lamps. With the core team with more than 15 years of experience in the LED industry and the enthusiasm, integrity and professionalism of Morimoto lighting, Morimoto lighting factory lamp workshop lighting strives to provide high-quality products and considerate services to medium and high-end customers around the world. Through continuous accumulation and improvement, Beijing factory lamp workshop lighting is running towards our goal happily! The emergence of LED factory lamp workshop lighting has recently broken the design method and idea of traditional light sources. At present, there are two kinds of design concepts

1. Situational lighting: lamps and lanterns are designed according to the needs of the environment. The scene lighting takes the place as the starting point. The factory lamp workshop lighting aims to create a beautiful and gorgeous lighting environment to foil the scene effect and make people feel the scene atmosphere

2. Emotional lighting: Design lamps according to human needs. Emotional lighting is based on people's emotions to create an artistic lighting environment from the perspective of people. Emotional lighting is different from situational lighting. Emotional lighting is dynamic. Beijing factory lighting workshop lighting can meet people's spiritual needs and make people feel emotional. Situational lighting is static. It can only emphasize the needs of scene lighting, but cannot express people's emotional satisfaction. In a sense, emotional lighting covers situational lighting. Emotional lighting includes four aspects: first, energy conservation and environmental protection, second, health, third, intelligence, and fourth, humanization

an atmospheric and beautiful office environment with bright and comfortable lights. When you enter the meeting room, the smart light turns on automatically. The illumination and quantity of lights are controlled through pre programming, and the indoor lights are adjusted to the appropriate meeting state. When the meeting is over and you leave the room, the light turns off automatically as if it were spiritual. When the natural light outside the window is changing, the indoor light also automatically adjusts, quietly saving electric energy... A simple description of sections of office scenes, an intelligent ideal office environment has jumped onto the paper. The high color rendering, intelligence, flexibility and environmental protection of factory lamp workshop lighting make factory lamp workshop lighting meet the market demand and become a new generation of office lighting products

the lighting manufacturer of Beijing factory lamp workshop pointed out the classification and various characteristics of the three anti glare lamps

the three anti glare lamps meet the requirements of floodlighting in railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical and various plant areas, workshops, stations, large facilities, venues and other places. The three anti glare lamps are non glare, non ghosting, shockproof and corrosion-resistant, energy-saving, safe and reliable. The performance characteristics of Beijing factory lamp workshop lighting are as follows:

1. Anti glare function: the transparent parts are optimized with advanced lighting optical principles, and the light is uniform and soft, without glare and ghosting, effectively avoiding discomfort and fatigue of construction workers

2. Light efficiency and energy saving: the selected gas discharge light source has high light efficiency and long service life, which can be as long as 30000 hours. The power factor is greater than 0.9, with high luminous efficiency and good light transmittance

3. Shockproof function: multi-channel shockproof structure and integrated design ensure its long-term safe work in high-frequency and multi-frequency vibration environment

4. Applicable environment: the high-strength alloy shell is used for special surface spraying and sealing treatment, which can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity and various corrosivities

5. Installation methods: seat type, ceiling type, ceiling type and other installation methods. Factory lamp workshop lighting meets the lighting needs of different work sites. Electronic and mechanical dual protection, automatically cut off the power supply after opening the cover, increasing the safety, stability and reliability of use and maintenance

the lighting manufacturer of the factory lamp workshop pointed out that the ceiling installation: first fix the lifting adapter plate on the lamp with four M8 bolts, pass the three core cable through the g3/4 pipe thread port, pass through the round hole on the side and the inlet on the side of the lamp holder, and connect it to the lamp, and then screw the g3/4 pipe thread of the lamp and the wiring steel pipe with standard g3/4 pipe thread together. Factory lamp workshop lighting - ceiling installation: according to the size of the installation hole of biomedical materials commonly used in lamps, punch the corresponding installation bolt hole on the position where the factory lamp workshop lighting lamps are to be installed, and install and fix it with M8 bolts

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