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Lighting is service, continue to cultivate the Chinese market—— Xinnuofei appeared in the Expo

on May 16, 2018, Philips Lighting NV officially changed its name to xinnuofei NV, and continued to use Philips as a product brand

On November 5, the first China International Import Expo (CIFIT) was held in Shanghai. Xinnuofei, the global lighting leader, made an appearance at the first China International Fair, showing the cutting-edge lighting technology to more than 3000 exhibitors and more than 150000 professional buyers at home and abroad, demonstrating the comprehensive innovation of lighting technology in operation mode and management mode

on May 16, 2018, Philips Lighting NV officially changed its name to signify NV and continues to use Philips as a product brand. "The name of the new company comes from our new definition of lighting, 'light has become an intelligent language, connecting and transmitting information'. We turn light sources into data points, and connect more devices, places and people through light. We are committed to creating a more efficient and intelligent world." Eric rondolat, CEO of xinnuofei, said

xinnuofei lifi solution made its debut in China

Eric rondolat, CEO of xinnuofei, said in an interview that lighting is an important carrier and driving force of IOT. As lighting accounts for a large part of electricity consumption, intelligent interconnected lighting will become a pillar industry of IOT. By 2020, all new LED products produced by xinnuofei will be equipped with coupling function. One of the biggest highlights of xinnuofei booth in this Expo is the visible light wireless communication technology (lifi) solution

Eric rondolat, CEO of xinnuofei, and Wang Yun, President of xinnuofei Greater China, were in the lifi exhibition area of xinnuofei at the first China International Import Expo. At the same time, this is the first visible light wireless communication technology (lifi) solution launched by xinnuofei in the Chinese market, and xinnuofei is also the first global lighting enterprise to provide this technology. Lifi is a bi-directional, high-speed wireless technology similar to WiFi. It is characterized by the use of visible light waves rather than radio waves for data transmission. Lifi lamps of xinnuofei can realize high-quality LED lighting and provide broadband interconnection by using visible light waves

the company provides the best trade communication channel "lifi" visible light wireless communication for buyers and sellers of machinery and raw materials in China, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the world. The full name is "light fi roll up recording paper. This item only stops when it is needed". Lifi transmits data by changing the frequency of transparent light in the room. The transmission speed reaches 100GB, which is nearly 100 times faster than that of WiFi. It has the same advantages as optical fiber communication. It has high bandwidth and high speed. Where natural light arrives, there is lifi signal. Lifi technology makes use of the laid equipment and ubiquitous bulbs. As long as a tiny chip is implanted into the bulb, it can become a device for AP (WiFi hotspot), so that the terminal can access the device at any time. It is an application of visible light communication. WiFi relies on radio waves, while lifi relies on optical pulses. In fact, it is a communication method that uses the light in the visible light band as the information carrier and directly transmits optical signals in the air without the transmission medium of wired channels such as optical fibers

in short, as long as there is light overhead, theoretically, it can be easily realized whether it is transmitting data information, going online, making voice and video calls, or adjusting the switch of IOT equipment. With the help of ultra-high transmission rate, the application experience is far better than WiFi

"lighting is service"

at present, international trade in the digital era is facing major opportunities. How can enterprises seize the new trade opportunities brought by the digital economy and the sharing economy, and cultivate new trade drivers is particularly important

as a global leader, Eric rondolat, CEO of xinnuofei, said that xinnuofei designs, manufactures and delivers the world's leading innovative lighting system that breaks without significant appearance deformation. It can be controlled by software, and can manage, monitor and control lighting points to provide services based on data collection and analysis. While improving lighting operation, Joint partners provide more value to customers. The lighting products, systems and services provided by xinnuofei enable customers to enjoy unique lighting quality, make life more comfortable and safe, make enterprises and cities operate more efficiently and energy saving, create a healthy and pleasant living environment, and promote the sustainable development of the world

at the same time, create a more environmentally friendly and open trade environment through business models suitable for scientific and technological innovation, such as circular economy. Xinnuofei's business model is also gradually changing from selling lighting products piece by piece through traditional trade channels to undertaking urban landscape lighting projects in the form of services. The business model of "lighting as a service" has been successfully practiced in projects such as Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Xinnuofei's professional design services can customize the lighting scheme according to people's needs; Life cycle services can help extend the service life of lighting facilities; Managed services can provide one-stop services of design, installation, operation and maintenance. Xinnuofei's lighting solutions are not only effective, but also reassuring to consumers

China - xinnuofei's "second hometown"

in view of the future market development prospects in China, xinnuofei said that it was always optimistic about the Chinese market, Looking forward to the fourth industrial revolution and the IOT, Gary Cheng, an associate professor of the school of industrial engineering at Purdue University, said in a statement: "Under the background that such materials are even lighter than feathers, we should actively explore new trade and innovation models, continue to deepen cooperation with China, and make contributions to the the Belt and Road initiative and the transformation of China's smart city.

China is one of xinnuofei's most important markets in the world. After nearly a century of development, China has become xinnuofei's" second hometown ". Philips' lighting products entered China in the 1920s. As the first batch of foreign-funded enterprises to enter China after the reform and opening up, xinnuofei set up its first joint venture in Shanghai in 1985. At present, it has five production bases in China and the world's second largest R & D center, and has established a wide range of sales channels and networks to serve China's professional and consumer lighting market

xinnuofei regards China as the second local market. Over the years, it has continuously increased its investment in China, invested rich resources in production and manufacturing, market expansion and talent training, continued to launch lighting products, systems and services that meet the needs of the Chinese market, and continuously increased its R & D, innovation and service capabilities in China. China's urbanization process has brought huge demand for intelligent Internet lighting. Xinnuofei will provide high-quality and innovative lighting products for the Chinese market to meet the needs of domestic enterprises and consumers, and comply with the general trend of China's industrial and consumption transformation and upgrading and sustainable development

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