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Lighting entertainment will produce the animated film Super Mario

previously, it was reported that Super Mario will launch a live action movie. At that time, many fans were worried that it would be "live action" again. A few days ago, only 57% of the operating rate of foreign media confirmed that Super Mario will be produced by lighting entertainment under globegroup

a few days ago, he created the production of "magic Daddy", "happy voice" and "Greench the green haired monster". As a whole, christophermlardandery confirmed in an interview that the animated film will be produced by lighting entertainment. In the interview, christophermarredandre also mercilessly roast that the 1993 live action version of Super Mario did not respect the original film at all. When talking about the new animated film, christophermiredandre said that it was a difficult challenge, because the creators had to show the Mario Brothers' shining points loved by generations from a relatively thin original plot. The film is tentatively scheduled to be officially released in 2022. Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario, has also confirmed that he will participate in the production of animated films with Christopher McDonald

Super Mario is a platform game series created by Nintendo with its mascot Mario as the protagonist. Sometimes called "Super Mario Brothers series", or simply "Mario series". Nintendo will have at least one Super Mario game on major home and handheld computers. In Super Mario games, players usually want to control Mario, which is welcomed by new and old users to take risks in the fictional Kingdom, accompanied by his brother Louis or other characters occasionally. The player controls the character to run and jump on the platform of each level. 3. Check the universal experimental machine expander unit, and step on the enemy's head from above. The plot of the game is not complicated. Usually, Mario rescues the peach Princess kidnapped by the villain kubawang

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