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This round of price rise in the lighting industry is unlikely to fall back again

as the old saying goes, the wind starts at the end of duckweed. Duckweed, an aquatic fern, has a leaf growth stalk and moves when it meets the wind. Aluminum, one of the most commonly used materials in the lighting industry, first showed a price rise a few months ago. At the same time, there was the height and weight limit in the logistics industry. At that time, most manufacturers in the ancient town area did not realize the ferocity of the subsequent price rise. During the interview, most manufacturers were still optimistic, including upstream enterprises, who also placed their hopes on inventory, It is thought that the plastic extrusion of insulation and sheath of short wires and cables is a temporary price fluctuation based on the deformation characteristics of thermoplastic. Today, the price rise has covered all areas of lighting accessories. So, what is the origin of this round of price rise and will it fall back

At the beginning of the regional rise in aluminum prices, the author once heard the conspiracy theory, saying that after the monopoly large enterprises implemented the low price competition strategy for a long time, they deliberately created the hot spot of price rise and recaptured the pricing power by using the operation methods of the capital market. However, the recent arrival of the central environmental protection inspection team in Guangdong has silenced all speculation. There is no conspiracy to raise prices. This is the state's conspiracy. There is a real supply side reform, and environmental supervision is only a powerful tool to promote this reform

the video of the meeting of Hu Chunhua, Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, spread wildly in the circle of friends. As of 22:00 on December 13, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the Central Committee had continuously developed the potential of plastic raw materials and transferred 151 reports of the fifteenth batch of environmental calls and letters to the province (17 of which had the same content as the previous ones). At present, Guangdong Province has received a total of 1818 cases (partial repetition) transferred by the central supervision team, and all the above-mentioned reports have been handed over to relevant cities and units for implementation and processing. According to the statistics of the impact experimental machine of incomplete Jinan experimental machine factory in the process of daily life operation, as of the 13th, 1124 enterprises have been ordered to rectify, 982 enterprises have been placed on file for punishment, and the amount of punishment is proposed to be 30.487 million yuan. 48 cases have been placed on file for investigation by the public security organ, 36 people have been detained administratively, 60 people have been detained criminally, 347 people have been interviewed, and 183 people have been held accountable

according to the author's visit to Star Plaza, some stores have been on holiday in advance.

there are still many data about the inspection and punishment carried out by the environmental protection inspection team in Guangdong Province, which are no longer listed one by one. The conclusion that the author wants to deduce here is that this price rise is unlikely to fall back again for a long time in the future. Recall that in the past two years, there have been many people who went to Hong Kong to buy milk powder and Japan to buy toilet lids. We should all agree to improve the quality of lighting products, not just compete for unreasonable low prices. The middle class in our country is becoming larger and larger. As a large manufacturing country, China is unable to provide products that satisfy the Chinese people and has to go abroad to purchase, which also intensifies the pressure of capital outflow. Since enterprises lack the power and courage to change if they have this passage, then the government will promote it, and we have to see clearly the direction of the national policy

the pollution is serious, and the inspection and punishment carried out by the environmental protection supervision team in Guangdong Province

then, which enterprises can safely pass this reform and enjoy the dividends of the supply side reform? The author believes that it must be those enterprises that produce medium and high-end products. Since the beginning of this price rise, the author has been paying attention to the field of medium and low-end lighting products. According to recent visits, these enterprises have generally suffered heavy losses. If they don't make money after receiving orders, they will lose customers if they raise prices. They have been in a dilemma, and generally respond negatively by taking holidays in advance (see our earlier report for more information about this kind of information). And the more profound impact will gradually sink to the sales terminal. Those channels and stores that sell low-quality lighting products will also withdraw from the market or upgrade under the impact of this round and the subsequent price rise tide. There will be more and more good products and the market will become more and more standardized. This newspaper will continue to pay attention to the subsequent impact and provide market feedback to the industry in time

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