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Proficient in lighting, fan and ventilation: Rex lighting Yuba experience

proficient in lighting, fan and ventilation: Rex lighting Yuba experience

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original title: proficient in lighting, fan and ventilation: Rex lighting Yuba experience

the house bought by parents, because they don't have time to study, all the decoration is contracted to decoration companies, and the Yuba clothes are also unknown brands, The main function of Yuba in summer is to exchange air and be a fan. One summer, I don't know whether it's the high temperature or the running fault. The machine was flooded and burned out, so I had to buy another one quickly

Yuba is actually used frequently. It can be used as a heater in winter and a fan in summer. Good quality is just needed. Before, many lamps and lanterns in the family bought Rex lighting, which is simple and generous, of acceptable quality and cost-effective. It resonates well on various social, economic and livelihood issues. Therefore, after some selection, they chose their home, and they began to seek a multi-functional Yuba with a breakthrough in automotive exterior decoration


I bought it in Suning, which is much cheaper combined with discounts, and the delivery speed is also fast. I received it on the third day after placing an order

the shell and the machine are separated and connected by flat wires

one flat cable is used to connect the LED light board, and the other is used to connect the digital display board

the shell of the machine is made of all metal material, which has the advantage of fast heat dissipation and avoids burning the motor

the left side is the heating pipe, and the right side is the double wind wheel. The machine will run at the same time when heating and ventilation

the heating element adopts PTC material, which is characterized by low thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. Generally, the toilet with 4 square meters has a fast heating rate; In addition, this material has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature and power saving

the specific principle is that the air is transmitted to the PTC heating pipe for heating, and then turned to two wind wheels for a wide range of warm air

the double wind turbine has high conduction efficiency. After the wind heating is turned off, the PTC temperature drops quickly, the attenuation rate is reduced, and the life of Yuba can be prolonged. The one installed by parents before only took 1 year? Silent...

close up of wind wheel, flame retardant PV material, satisfactory workmanship, no burrs. The size is 17cm, 2cm larger than the general traditional Yuba wind wheel, and the heat transfer is more uniform

Yuba installation generally requires wiring, and experienced ones can also do it by themselves

the air outlet and heat dissipation hole of Yuba can prevent the machine from burning out due to long running time

air duct and check valve, safe and simple, but pay attention to ventilation

large size lighting board, with power of 15W

the color temperature is 6500k, which belongs to standard white


first remove the old Yuba and clean the cable

fix the Yuba with buckles and screws

rewire and connect the panel

install the panel, and you're done

the function of using

is very simple. There are four options, lighting, ventilation, blowing and heating

there are corresponding mode indicator lights on the panel, and there is also the function of displaying room temperature

ventilation: ventilate the bathroom after going to the toilet or bathing

hair dryer: in summer, it can be regarded as an electric fan, so it is recommended that Yuba be installed in the dry area of the bathroom, preferably above the toilet

heating: the heater with 2000W power has a fast heating speed. It can be turned on 5 minutes in advance before bathing in winter

in addition to these, Rex lighting has some additional functions:

automatic shower function. First, the heating is rapidly increased to 32 degrees. When it reaches 32 degrees, it will reduce the heating function by one gear

automatic stop function. Compared with Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 of the same level, Yuba workers will automatically shut down after 120 minutes, preventing long-term high-temperature operation and making home safer


from the installation to now, it has been almost a month since the unqualified plastic bags produced by some small workshops have been banned repeatedly. Talking about the feeling of use, because it is summer now, this Yuba is more used as a fan and ventilation; In most cases, the bathroom is very stuffy. After turning on this Rex lighting, you can feel its power. The first is that the wind speed is fast, comparable to the electric fan, and it is not hot to go to the bathroom at all; In addition, the ventilation speed is fast, and the peculiar smell of the toilet can be discharged quickly. In the past, the bathroom in the master bedroom needed to open the window to dissipate the smell after it was convenient. Now, it is very convenient to just turn on the ventilation function of Yuba

by the way, let me remind you that Yuba is installed in the dry area of the bathroom, not above the shower. Remember


first, let's talk about the advantages, simple installation, excellent workmanship, simple style, diverse functions, and good heating and blowing effect; The disadvantage is that the noise is slightly high. In addition, the gears of heating and lighting are single. It would be better if the later products could be increased

in general, Rex lighting's multi-functional Yuba is worth buying if it's just needed. Yuba must be safe and of good quality. Don't be cheap. It depends on your personal needs for remote control

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