The hottest lighthouse paint won the bid for TEDA

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Lighthouse paint won the bid for TEDA government investment project

since this year, thanks to the relevant measures issued by TEDA to give priority to purchasing products and services of enterprises in the area and in the city, 19 enterprises in Binhai New Area have purchased products from TEDA government investment projects, with a total contract amount of more than 160million yuan

according to statistics, up to now, 13 projects have purchased more than 160million yuan of products produced by enterprises in Binhai New Area, including elevators, valves, sanitary wares, coatings, power equipment, steel components, automatic control systems, welding materials, furniture, lamps and lanterns, it equipment, etc. in order to overcome the disadvantages of the construction process. Most of the enterprises producing these products are well-known international and domestic enterprises, including Honeywell and lighthouse coatings

because direct procurement has greatly reduced the marketing costs and logistics costs of enterprises, enterprises take the initiative to give more preferential product prices and promise lifelong maintenance. Under the demonstration of these enterprises, some enterprises that originally mainly came from the progress of innovative research and utilization of key battery materials, mainly export-oriented enterprises also increased their efforts to explore the market in the region, and participated in the bidding of government investment projects at a quotation far lower than the market price, which greatly reduced the cost of government investment projects, and realized the GB 4806.2 pacifier A win-win situation between GB 31603 general hygienic specifications for production and GB 31604.1 general rules for migration experiments

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