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Light truck department accelerates the pace of innovation and promotes quality upgrading

recently, the light truck department held the "No.1 conference" to summarize the quality work in the first half of the year, take "quality and innovation" as the starting point and foothold, grasp the direction, seek breakthroughs, accelerate the pace of innovation and promote quality upgrading

At the meeting, Xu Xiangyang, general manager of light truck department, affirmed the work of the first half of the year and commented on the quality development work of each department. He said that at this stage, if the light truck department wants to achieve greater quality improvement, it must break the routine, keep a clear mind, and do the quality work carefully to achieve the goal. In the new era, the light truck department must stand at a higher level to discuss quality issues and achieve "high requirements, high levels and high standards" in order to maintain the advantages of heavy truck and light truck and achieve the leading position in the light truck industry. For the next step, Xu Xiangyang made four deployments: first, all staff attach importance to quality, based on their own duties, lay a solid foundation, think more and do more, seek the root causes and fundamental solutions when encountering problems, and go all out to make production preparations; Second, if the indoor humidity assumption is too high, we should have depth, continue to learn, improve the ability to solve problems independently, improve professional quality, divide responsibilities, make the process run and implement responsibilities; Third, strengthen the management of sub suppliers, learn and discuss together, find the right goal and direction, and achieve "win-win"; Fourth, pay attention to system management, fully cover the process operation, maintain the scientificity and progressiveness, and promote the continuous progress of quality work

at the meeting, Zhang Dianping, executive deputy general manager of the light truck department, made five arrangements for the work report of the quality department: first, attach great importance to the consistency of laws and regulations, pay close attention to and respond in a timely manner, and all units should give full play to their subjective initiative and do their own work well; Second, do a good job in the production and trial production of the "national six" plan, communicate in time and implement it in place; Third, the development of the "national five year plan" has entered a mature stage. All departments should make a summary, sort out ideas, lay a good foundation, and pave the way for the "national six year plan" production; Fourth, pay attention to innovation and reform, take the lead of technology system, improve basic work and strengthen innovation work; Fifth, set up "red line indicators" for suppliers, strengthen control, and implement the "hierarchical interview" system for quality problems, so as to reduce the failure rate and improve product quality

at the meeting, the quality system made foaming difficult. In the first half of the year, the quality system made a detailed report from eight aspects: the completion of quality objectives and performance indicators, quality management trends, supporting product quality, production process problem summary, offline process problem summary, product review, which is larger than the production of aerospace aluminum alloy plate and strip, after-sales feedback, existing problems and next work plan, so as to clarify the advantages, Point out the shortcomings, find solutions, and clarify requirements, so that the processes of all departments can really operate, and promote the quality upgrading of heavy truck and light truck

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