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The mold Expo to build an innovation driven platform kicked off on May 24

mold Expo to build an innovation driven platform on May 24 to extend the service life of optical fibers. The day long restart curtain 2013 China international Electromechanical industry Manufacturing Expo

as the largest and most influential international professional exhibition in China and even all Asia, the Ninth China mold City Expo

was approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, China Machinery Industry Federation The 9th China mold City Expo (machine tool, tooling, and pneumatic exhibition, hereinafter referred to as CDMC), hosted by China Society of mechanical engineering and Ningbo Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, will be grandly unveiled in Ningbo International Exhibition Center from May 24 to 27, 2013. It has been 8 years since the first CDMC was held in 2004. The last CDMC exhibition area reached 30000 square meters, and 600 exhibitors from all over the world gathered to compete on the same stage. There were more than 1500 booths. When the tonnage was small, the professional audience reached more than 10000 people. Both exhibitors and visitors are superior to previous exhibitions in terms of grade and scale, ranking in the forefront of similar exhibitions in East China. The theme of this exhibition is to introduce new equipment, new technology, promote enterprise innovation drive, transformation and upgrading, and take industrial power as the purpose, which will show three highlights

first, focus on the introduction of international advanced equipment and technology for enterprise innovation drive: the products on display this time include more than 600 enterprises from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and about 1000 sets of advanced machine tools and equipment, including machining centers, CNC machine tools, grinders, punches, forging machines, drilling machines, as well as advanced measuring instruments, knives and measuring tools Tools and other fine products. For example, the advantages of fz15w vertical machining center on display in JuLang, Germany are obviously different from the verification regulations of jjg762 (2) 007 "extensometer". It leads the world with 2.1 seconds of cutting time and 2.4 seconds of workbench exchange time. As well as the 3D printer exhibited by STRATASYS in the United States, which represents the new trend of manufacturing development and is an indispensable equipment for R & D and design, it is called to promote the third industrial revolution

second, promote the local manufacturing industry to compete on the same stage with international advanced technology: in addition to many foreign famous brands and top-level equipment, Ningbo Zhizao is no inferior: with the efforts of the organizing committee, all kinds of machine tools, tools, molds, pneumatic components, hydraulic transmission and other locally manufactured products at this exhibition are displayed brilliantly. The advanced equipment manufactured by a number of enterprises, such as Beilun, Ninghai, Yinzhou, Zhenhai, etc., shows its elegance with excellent cost performance, reflects the wisdom of Ningbo smart manufacturing, and fully demonstrates the achievements of Ningbo manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Beilun District, as a national advanced manufacturing production base, exhibited machine tool equipment and high-end mold manufacturing enterprises such as Haitian Seiko, Haishun, YaoFa, OMAT, Lizhou, easy forging, etc. Ningbo Ninghai is one of the main production bases of fine carving in China. As the hometown of carving machine production, the fine carving machines produced by Kaibo, Tianyi, Jingye, Yiming and other enterprises can be compared with advanced fine carving machines at home and abroad

the third is to reflect the advantages of the industry, give full play to the in-depth combination of the exhibition participants, and inject new impetus into the development of transformation and upgrading: in order to fully reflect the advantages of the industry, this exhibition will invite China Machinery Industry Federation, China Society of engineering, Zhejiang University, Xida Institute of technology, Zhejiang University of business and technology, as well as joint mold, machine tools, auto parts, hardware, petrochemical and other industries to build a multi-faceted service platform for enterprise transformation and upgrading, The world's advanced technology forums such as control technology and wire plastic engineering will be held. During the exhibition, a research meeting on the new third board and innovative leapfrog development will be held at the same time; Numerical control technology competition; Special recruitment fair for electromechanical molds; Small and micro enterprise financing promotion meetings, etc., to provide technology, talents, financing and other support for enterprise innovation driven transformation and upgrading

in recent years, the formation of a number of mold industry clusters in Ningbo has accelerated. Ninghai's large plastic mold, Beilun's die-casting mold, Yuyao's precision plastic mold, Cixi's home appliance mold, Xiangshan's casting mold, Yinzhou's auto parts mold, etc., have a decisive influence in China. Ningbo is the mold capital of China. According to industry data, there are more than 4000 mold manufacturing enterprises in the city, with sales of more than 35 billion yuan in 2012, including more than 70 enterprises above designated size. This exhibition fully reflects the market influence of Ningbo as an important manufacturing place in the Yangtze River Delta and the industrial appeal of Ningbo as the mold capital of China

a feast of equipment manufacturing industry awaits you. Welcome to Ningbo, China

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