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Innovation drives XCMG foundation to write the dream story of infrastructure construction

innovation drives XCMG foundation to write the dream story of infrastructure construction

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with XCMG's rotary drilling rig, horizontal directional drilling rig, roadheader, continuous wall hydraulic grab, double wheel slot milling machine, pipe jacking machine and other products, his name is rapidly leading the market with the "the Belt and Road" to the world. He is the new force of XCMG's main battle fleet and the incubator of XCMG's new industries. Let's enter XCMG basic construction machinery company and uncover the mystery of its "innovation dream factory"

innovation drives XCMG foundation to write the dream story of infrastructure construction

construction method innovation boosts sales

entering XCMG foundation company, guests will see more than a dozen huge stone pillars standing on the lawn in a staggered manner, marked with rock names and hard rocks. There are still many difficulties to overcome in order to achieve the wide-ranging production of lithium alloy in China. They come from construction sites all over the country, Now they stand here silently, like an old soldier unfolding his magnificent medal, outlining the legends along the way in the battlefield

in the early stage of development, rotary drilling rigs were mainly used for drilling in soft soil layers, and there was nothing they could do for complex strata such as rocks. Before 2010, due to the complex strata in Southwest China, it has been a blank market for rotary drilling rigs. XCMG foundation decided to take the southwest as the market breakthrough, and established the marketing strategy of "promoting sales with construction methods". Through communicating with users on how to select models and equip drilling tools to help customers solve problems in construction, XCMG rotary drilling rigs soon emerged, attracting more and more large customers of housing construction piles. With the continuous innovation and improvement of construction methods, as well as the high cost performance and continuous quality improvement of products, in only two years, it has achieved a market share of more than 60% of the domestic xr280 large tonnage rotary drilling rig

in 2013, XCMG foundation established a construction method research institute, carried out systematic and in-depth research on construction methods, closely combined with the market, customized construction technology and methods for customers, formulated a full set of product construction solutions, and created value for users with construction method innovation and services

market driven reverse research and development

the first step to do a good job in industrial development is to do a good job in products

kongqinghua, general manager of XCMG foundation, once served as general manager of XCMG group marketing company. With his years of marketing experience and familiarity with customer needs, he summed up a set of strategic ideas that can surprise and win in the case of lagging behind rivals. President Kong once told you that the key to the counterattack is products! And it is not only a product, but also a mechanism that can continuously produce excellent products. The market driven reverse multi-dimensional collaborative product R & D process refers to the market development of new products before R & D and design, and uses the development cycle to synchronize marketing and preheat the market in advance; Change the pricing mechanism and force the cost and design scheme from the market price; Through the collaborative design of technology, process, suppliers, dealers and customers, the development cycle is shortened, and the adaptability and competitiveness of products to the market are improved

The XTR series tunnel boring machine is a typical case of realizing independent research and development and rapidly occupying the market under such a concept. In order to realize the independent research and development of TBM and master the core technology of the product, the technical personnel of the company went to Japan for investigation and research, and invited users and industry experts to participate in the discussion. It was preliminarily determined that the design party of TBM should be confirmed by users according to the calibration results and use purpose

half a year later, XCMG's first cantilever large section tunnel boring machine xtr260 was successfully rolled off the production line and achieved good results in the construction of tunnel projects in Dalian and Yunnan. With the increasingly strict control of blasting mining by the state, more and more XCMG tunnel boring machines "occupy" tunnel projects all over the country, and also enter the international markets of Indonesia, Kenya, Tajikistan and so on

market driven research and development determines that we do the right thing; Reverse multi-dimensional collaboration determines that we do things right. Since then, new products such as deep well drilling rig and XTC double wheel slot milling machine have been introduced one after another to cut the pulse of the market, tilt towards high-end products, and get rid of the low-end competition of domestic peers

post market transformation and upgrading

on April 5, 2016, Li Huaigang boarded the high-speed rail to Nanjing. As the director of XCMG basic remanufacturing center, his trip to Nanjing filled him with excitement and expectation

on the second day, standing at the 22nd Jiangsu provincial enterprise innovation achievement commendation meeting, Li Huaigang won a golden medal, "construction of equipment manufacturing enterprise engineering machinery remanufacture industrialization development management system" and won the first prize of Jiangsu provincial enterprise management modernization innovation achievement award

in the second half of 2013, XCMG adjusted its organizational structure, allocated resources and established a new product remanufacturing center. For users with poor management, recover their equipment, remanufacture and secondary sales, revitalize customers' assets and solve customers' business problems. After that, its operation and construction work mainly focused on improving the product renovation capacity, optimizing the process flow, shortening the manufacturing cycle of packaging consumer goods companies eager for new packaging shapes, and improving the renovation speed and quality standards of used cars. In 2015, remanufacturing has been further developed, focusing on the five major parts of renovation, sales, services, spare parts and leasing, and transforming to industrialization. With the help of internal and external diversified platforms, we will launch sales models such as rent for sale, replacement, and old for new, and build a "multi track" marketing system to meet the different needs of users. Formed a year-on-year increase of 6.8%; The net profit attributable to the parent company is 430million yuan. A reproducible and popularized remanufacture management mode of construction machinery products has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth development of post market business

remanufactured products with high cost performance benefit more users. In November 2014, more than 30 remanufactured rotary drilling rigs with bright red flowers were sold in batches to Fujian pingqiang international company. Today, these more than 30 rotary drilling rigs have been applied to civil construction and infrastructure construction in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and other places in Fujian Province, creating significant economic benefits. Fujian pingqiang international company has rapidly grown into a comprehensive enterprise integrating engineering projects, sales, services and leasing

constantly sharp market grasp, superhuman courage to subvert innovation, and unconventional thinking of reverse research and development are the fundamental reasons why XCMG foundation is invincible. I believe that the distance of climbing Mount Everest will no longer be far away

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