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Innovative enabling interconnection and win-win cooperation the Belt and Road -- ABB continues to help Chinese enterprises expand the international market

on September 4, abb customer activities with the theme of innovative enabling interconnection abb and you work together to achieve win-win results along the Silk Road were held in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Through the exhibition of innovative technologies and ABB ability digital solutions, abb exchanged global EPC project management experience, Support local and surrounding customers to expand the the Belt and Road market, innovate trade and investment models, and jointly build a green silk road

it coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the fifth anniversary of the the Belt and Road initiative. ABB responded to the large-scale special event organized by the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries) to revisit the ancient Silk Road and played a chorus. This customer event was held in Xinjiang, one of the core regions of the Silk Road Economic Belt, to showcase ABB's leading technologies and solutions in the fields of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure, With more than 200 guests from the Association for friendship with foreign countries, customers, media and academia, we talked about the cooperation and innovation of the the Belt and Road and worked out the strategic layout of development at home and abroad. Liu rangqun, director of the western division of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission, and Xu Jun, senior vice president of Anbo China, also attended the event and delivered a speech

picture source: chinanews welcomes Mongolia to set up a cultural center in China. The the Belt and Road initiative has injected new vitality into China and the global economy, narrowed the distance between the East and the west, and opened up new cooperation spaces and opportunities. Abb is one of the first multinational enterprises to go global with Chinese EPC enterprises. With its leading technology in the field of power and automation and broad business coverage, abb will continue to strive to become the preferred partner for Chinese enterprises to expand the international market

go back to the ancient Silk Road and play a chorus, aiming to inherit and carry forward the spirit of cooperation on the silk road. In fact, this is a very common UV curing technology. It is pragmatic to promote exchanges and cooperation between countries along the Silk Road, explore new modes of trade cooperation, and jointly build a green silk road. The Silk Road complex and development aspirations are not only the starting point for promoting the great project of the the Belt and Road, but also the foothold for deepening consensus and building mutual learning among civilizations along the the Belt and Road

abb, as a leading enterprise in digital technology, has launched a wealth of ABB capability digital solutions, covering smart electricity, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart city and other fields, connecting the the Belt and Road by digital means, helping customers improve efficiency, improve energy efficiency, enhance global market competitiveness, and contribute to the construction of the digital silk road

some countries along the the Belt and Road have a relatively low level of development in the fields of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure. There is an urgent need to improve the production efficiency and energy efficiency in the fields of electricity, mining, steel, non-ferrous metals and oil and gas chemical industry. At the same time, it is necessary to invest in the construction or improvement of airports, ships, ports, roads and other transportation facilities. In these business areas, abb has leading products, technologies and mature solutions

relying on its business coverage in more than 100 countries around the world and its rich experience in overseas project management, abb can provide localized consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing and services for Chinese enterprises' overseas EPC projects, help them reduce project costs and engineering risks, and enhance their competitiveness in the global market

in terms of risk control and standard control, abb can help Chinese enterprises solve problems such as the differentiation of design standards and industry norms in different countries and regions, so as to better control risks; In terms of cost control, abb can help Chinese enterprises reduce investment costs and operating costs in overseas projects and improve productivity through integrated control, electrical, automation and telecommunications systems

Xinjiang is the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. ABB has always attached importance to the development in Xinjiang and surrounding areas and actively contributed to the local economic transformation and development. In 2015, abb established a Xinjiang service center in Urumqi to hire Ma Yuyan, a senior expert in the aluminum processing industry for oil and gas, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, transportation and infrastructure, to provide customers in Suixi aluminum industry development consultants and many industries with full life cycle management services, including installation and commissioning, spare parts, maintenance and repair, upgrading, training and consulting

In recent years, abb has participated in many key projects in Xinjiang, including:

providing breakthrough technology for the world's first 1100 kV HVDC project Changji Guquan HVDC transmission line built in China; Participated in the construction of Hami South Zhengzhou 800 kV High Voltage DC project and Xinjiang Northwest 750 kV second channel project

ABB's efficient and reliable electrical equipment is widely used in landmark buildings and livelihood projects such as Nanhu office building of Xinjiang electric power company, Sheraton Urumqi Hotel, General Hospital of Xinjiang Military Region, international bazaar, Xinjiang Grand Theater and Karamay stadium, providing strong power guarantee

the self owned power plant of Xinjiang nongliushi Xinfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. has the largest air cooling island in the world. ABB low-voltage transmission products and ABB high-efficiency motors applied in the air cooling island can save 30% energy theoretically

Xinjiang western Tianshan Dairy Co., Ltd. adopts ABB ability manufacturing execution system solution, which realizes the comprehensive monitoring of the factory, manages the production, product and quality data, and greatly improves the production efficiency, stability, protection and maintenance: flexibility

in addition, as a corporate citizen with a sense of society, in order to better support the training of local talents in Xinjiang, abb donated electrical and automation equipment worth about 1.7 million yuan to Xinjiang University to set up a science and education laboratory in 2015, and provided 100000 yuan a year as scholarships to support the training of local talents within five years

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