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Dingshi Innovation: focus on industrial communication network technology and provide professional solutions for users' pain points

on March, 2019 SIAF China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF 2019) was held in Pazhou Pavilion of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair. Beijing Dingshi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dingshi innovation), a well-known domestic industrial communication expert, also appeared in full dress at the opening exhibition of the industry

as a high-tech enterprise, Dingshi innovation brought its own expertise in the operation precautions of 2. Steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine: bus bridge series industrial communication gate, integrated IO, industrial interconnection and industrial data acquisition and other products. At the same time, it also showed the core technology of Profibus network, protocol product interconnection and other engineering project solutions, Comprehensively display Dingshi innovation's innovation ability as a multi protocol network interconnection expert, highlighting its status as a well-known brand of China industrial control

during the exhibition, Wang Biao, manager of Dingshi innovation industry IOT business department, was invited to accept the interview of China industrial control, and talked about the company's core competitiveness and industrial network development thinking

focusing on the core technology of PROFIBUS, we are deeply involved in the field of industrial communication. According to Wang Biao, Dingshi innovation initially studied the Modbus technology led by Siemens, and was the first to promote MODBUS technology in China. Since the establishment of the company in 2002, Dingshi innovation has been focusing on industrial fieldbus. Nowadays, around the core technology of PROFIBUS, Dingshi innovation has become a leader in the field of industrial communication

Dingshi has been innovating for more than ten years. It has never stopped developing and exploring the foot handle standard weights used in the industry, and has been hanging on the fixture since the plastic restriction order was implemented on June 1st, 2008. Including current CANopen bus, various 485 protocols, industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, ethernet/ip, CC link, etc., Dingshi innovation has made in-depth technical development. It can be said that as long as it involves industrial products, Dingshi innovation is involved. However, we mainly focus on industrial protocol interconnection, Wang Biao told

talking about the core competitiveness of the company, Wang Biao said that Dingshi innovation has deep research on the technical elements of PROFIBUS protocol. Focusing on Profibus Technology, Ding Shi innovated and realized the proprietary PROFIBUS chip solution, PROFIBUS redundancy technology and overall scheme, and provided feasible solutions for domestic factory automation and process automation, such as DCS, thermal power, automobile manufacturers, etc. At the same time, Dingshi innovation has invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights in PROFIBUS

he stressed that based on Dingshi innovation's understanding of the traditional industrial control industry over the years, its reserves of the underlying technology of the industrial network, and even the reserves of customers, Dingshi innovation will continue to be based on the industrial control industry, with the enterprise mission of making the industrial control network accessible and connecting equipment all over the world, continue to cultivate the field of industrial communication, and create a reliable, advanced and practical domestic automation brand

combining new technologies to solve users' pain points and provide landing solutions

Wang Biao showed that Dingshi innovation participated in this SIAF exhibition, on the one hand, due to the relatively developed manufacturing industry in Guangzhou and its surrounding areas, on the one hand, it maintained the needs of old customers in the Pearl River Delta, on the other hand, it opened up new markets, explored new needs, and contacted new customers

he believes that the South China market has a relatively fast acceptance of new technologies, and new technologies and applications such as industrial Ethernet technology and industrial IOT technology are at the forefront. While participating in this exhibition, many customers left us a lot of valuable potential demand information and put forward many valuable suggestions for our products, which is very helpful for the follow-up development of our products. In addition, he hopes to gain two gains through the Guangzhou SIAF Exhibition: one is to understand the trend of the latest technology in the industrial control industry and grasp the trend of current mainstream technology, so as to better deploy development forces; Second, truly understand the pain points of customers in practical engineering applications, and provide customers with original and professional solutions that can be implemented

with the advancement of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, Dingshi innovation has also invested a lot in the integration of industrialization and industrialization. It is understood that in the field of automation, there is a realistic environment in which a variety of network protocols coexist. Industrial informatization requires protocol conversion, connecting various protocol devices in the workshop, and transmitting the underlying production data to the Ethernet, MES and ERP management of workshop equipment. In this regard, Dingshi innovation has inherited the technology and market experience of agreement conversion related products accumulated in the industrial control field for many years, and combined with emerging IOT technology and it technology, launched some competitive industrial IOT related products and cross-border related products

as we know, industrial communication is very popular now, especially in this year's government work report on removing test pieces at the same time, industrial interconnection was mentioned for the first time. As a new focus of China's policy, industrial interconnection empowers the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. With the development of intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, industrial interconnection and other technologies, the most basic requirement is that all the bottom equipment (controllers, sensors, drivers, etc.) in the workshop must have digital communication function interfaces and network communication functions. Wang Biao pointed out that the current industrial communication market does not lack technical elements and solutions that truly solve customers' pain points and bring real business value to customers. We have focused on industrial interconnection and multi protocol conversion for more than ten years, so we need to specialize in the technology to truly solve the practical application pain points of customers

there is no doubt that the industrial communication market is becoming more and more tricky, and the pain point of customers is the real selling point of network agreement products. The current focus of Dingshi innovation is to find the pain points and needs of customers, continuously understand and do market analysis, so as to launch appropriate landing plans

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