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Innovation driven to boost the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry

] on December 24, 2018, the results of the 2018 Chongqing excellent innovative enterprise selection and commendation activity for innovative enterprises in Chongqing were released for the first time. As an enterprise in the intelligent manufacturing industry, Chongqing Huazhong CNC Technology Co., Ltd. was honored as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises in Chongqing in 2018

this selection is jointly evaluated by Chongqing human resources and Social Security Bureau, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Chongqing Intellectual Property Office. This selection refers to the evaluation system of innovative enterprises in domestic provinces and cities and the evaluation system of high-tech enterprises and scientific and technological enterprises in Chongqing, using innovation potential, innovation investment Innovation achievements and innovation performance. Among the 100 enterprises selected, 81 have recognized R & D institutions at or above the municipal level, and 20 have recognized R & D institutions at the national level

Chongqing Huazhong CNC, as the center of Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. in the southwest region, relies on the Chongqing high-end CNC technology application technology research center of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission and Chongqing intelligent equipment big data operation and maintenance engineering research center of Chongqing development and Reform Commission approved by the company in the same year to mainly carry out: Research on intelligent optimization technology of CNC machine tools based on big data; Research on intelligent machine tool technology with the functions of perception, decision-making and execution; Research and development of intelligent production line

keep moving forward without forgetting your original intention. The selection of Chongqing's top 100 innovative enterprises in 2018 will further stimulate the company's innovation driving force. Chongqing Huazhong CNC will base on the core technology breakthrough, improve the CNC generation, develop the intelligent generation, and serve the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Southwest China

(original title: innovation driven boosting the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry Chongqing Huazhong CNC was selected as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises in Chongqing in 2018)

] on November, 2018, jimtof2018 International Machine Tool Exhibition (Tokyo Exhibition for short) was held in Tokyo, Japan. The author followed the visiting group of China Industry Association to observe this grand event and inspected some Japanese machine tool manufacturing enterprises. The trip was fruitful and worthwhile

as one of the world's four major machine tool exhibitions, Tokyo exhibition is not good at scale. The exhibitors are mainly Japanese enterprises, but it has the characteristics of high-end refinement. According to those of us who are engaged in machine tool manufacturing, it can basically represent the advanced machine tool manufacturing technology in the world at present. The search system program finds the relevant page level in line with the keyword from the page index database. Mazak, Yasuda, Mori Seiji, Makino, Okuma and other world-renowned enterprises participated with the latest technologies and products, which can be described as a rare opportunity to observe and learn. The gains and experiences of this trip to Japan are summarized as follows

complex and intensive machine tools are powerful

the exhibits reflect the development of machine tools in two directions: dedicated and composite. Dedicated machine tools are not modular machine tools, but achieve consistent and efficient processing through automation, special fixtures, etc. Although most machine tools still focus on single functions at present, with the popularization and application of the latest technology, the increase in the complexity of parts and the improvement of accuracy requirements, it is possible to integrate multiple functions such as compound turning, milling, gear hobbing, measurement, cleaning and so on on on one machine tool

Okuma and Mazak exhibited such super composite machine tools at this exhibition. Okuma's mutus U400 integrates the functions of turning and milling, laser quenching, processing and detection, and integrates the cross-border process on a machine tool, greatly reducing the processing procedures of parts and improving the processing accuracy and efficiency. The e-1250v/8s composite machining machine tool exhibited by Mazak integrates the functions of turning, five axis linkage milling, gear hobbing and measurement, and can process extremely complex parts at one time

in addition to the ingenious design of the hardware structure, this high-tech compound machine tool is more difficult to integrate the multi-functional control system and processing software, which requires a certain technical ability to complete

single machine automation unit has become a trend

under the influence of factors such as continuous improvement of production efficiency and insufficient labor resources, as a solution, it has attracted great attention in the industrial field. Most of the exhibition machines in this exhibition are equipped with truss manipulators or mobile robots to form flexible production lines or flexible units. The integrated display of machine tools and automation systems, as well as the unmanned processing management system integrated with AGV and robots, became the highlights of the exhibition

unlike the previous flexible units, the machine tool is deeply integrated with the robot, and the articulated robot is as long as an arm on the machine tool to complete the tasks of automatic clamping, taking and cleaning of parts and fixtures, which greatly improves the automation level of the machine tool itself. The unmanned processing management system integrated with AGV and robot can realize automatic handling of silos, automatic loading and unloading, automatic tool exchange, automatic detection, automatic opening and closing of machine door, and even automatic touch operation panel to operate the machine tool for control, so as to realize the management of unmanned chemical plant

there are also many matching displays of lathes, machining centers and joint robots at the exhibition, which indicates that in the future, with the expansion of machine tool processing capacity, especially the popularity of five axis machining centers, and the development of fixture technology, single machines will also play an increasingly powerful and unique role in the field of automation

increasing and decreasing material compounding and friction welding technology are becoming more and more mature.

3D printing (additive manufacturing) technology has been more mature in many industries. At the 2015 emo exhibition and 2016 Tokyo exhibition, we saw that a few machine tool plants launched CNC machine tools with the integration of material addition and material reduction, and this exhibition showed more and more enterprises of this kind of machine tools, such as demaji, Mazak, Okuma, Sadik, GF processing scheme, Toshiba, etc. from the products applied in various fields shown on the scene, we can see that this technology has become mature

metal additive technology is about to change or has changed the concept of traditional metal parts manufacturing. The part structure that we could not imagine or difficult to realize by metal cutting before can now be realized by additive technology. Even in some fields, the metallographic structure and properties of materials and the net near forming of small margins have surpassed the traditional material reduction processing. The following figure shows some additive manufacturing parts on display

the metal additive technology displayed at the exhibition mainly has two forms: one is the laser deposition additive manufacturing with powder feeding. This mode is suitable for the additive manufacturing of open structure or stress parts, and it is also suitable for integrating with the material reduction function into the material increase and decrease composite machine tool. The processing of parts from material increase to material reduction is completed on one equipment, which is extremely suitable for the local material increase and repair processing of some important parts. Another form of metal additive is laser melting after powder spreading, which is suitable for additive manufacturing of parts with complex internal structure in closed structure. The following figure shows Okuma's 3D additive/additive composite machine tool

there is also a new processing method gradually developed in recent years: friction welding and milling compound machine tool, which is extremely suitable for some special parts that need to arrange complex channels in the closed inner cavity. Through the early milling processing of parts, they are combined to carry out friction fusion welding on the matching gap, and finally carry out precision machining on the parts, so as to produce parts that cannot be processed and manufactured by the traditional process before. Processing and manufacturing processes such as metal addition (subtraction) and friction welding have opened another window for the manufacturing industry, and even led to deeper and broader changes

horizontal machining center is facing innovation

horizontal machining center has become the preferred model for the processing of complex box type precision parts in various processing industries because of its advantages such as full stroke support of each axis, horizontal layout of spindle, vertical chip dropping, rotary (exchange) workbench and so on

Japan is the country that loves horizontal machining centers most in the world. At other international exhibitions, we often see world-renowned machine tool enterprises such as Mazak, Mori Seiji, Yasuda, Makino, Okuma, etc. display advanced woga products. When I came to the Tokyo exhibition, I found that there are many machine tool enterprises that we are not familiar with or small-scale, which produce horizontal machining centers of large and small specifications with their own characteristics. This may prove from another aspect why Japan's processing and manufacturing level can be in the forefront of the world

horizontal machining center has a large application market, which is the processing of auto parts, such as core parts such as engine, gearbox cylinder head and so on. However, with the surge of new energy vehicles, the shrinkage of the internal combustion engine market may have a certain impact on the demand for horizontal machining centers. At this exhibition, Mazak, Makino and other enterprises showed five axis horizontal machining centers for processing parts other than auto parts, which seems to show the trend of using five axis horizontal machining in the processing of more products in the future. From the Tokyo exhibition, we also saw some economical horizontal machining centers. These machine tools are not equipped with exchange worktables, are not of positive T structure, and do not necessarily adopt ATC high-speed tool change, but they meet the needs of the middle and low-end market with lower price and higher machining accuracy and efficiency. This should attract the attention of our domestic enterprises, which may help to improve the overall processing and manufacturing level of our country

pay more attention to the efficient treatment of cuttings

regularly replace the oil suction filter and filter element. The ingenious structure, exquisite sheet metal cover and excellent performance parameters of the machine tool we see are the face of the machine tool, so that people can intuitively judge its advantages and disadvantages. But there are also some places that we usually don't see, inconspicuous and often overlooked, but have always played an important role or influence, such as chip removal and filtration. This is a particularly troublesome problem for some domestic machine tools at the end-user site. Users often need to spend a lot of energy to deal with blockage and clean up debris, which seriously affects the user's experience and trust in domestic machine tools

at this exhibition, demaji showed the latest Micro Foam oil-water separation and removal technology, Mazak also showed the latest filtration and chip removal system, and several chip conveyor manufacturers showed exquisite designs and solutions in important parts. These aspects are worthy of our study and reference


by visiting the large machine tool exhibitions in recent years, I feel that Mazak has a unique momentum among Japanese enterprises. It gives people a solid and open feeling in terms of the structure of its products, the application fields of its products, and the coverage of high, middle and low-end products. Mazak's latest metal adding and reducing technology has been very mature. While retaining its own technology, it is very good at its working principle. Its working principle is to use the structural advantages of European five axis machining center for reference and develop a large five axis machining center of crown block type

On the basis of maintaining and developing traditional products, Okuma is also at the forefront of its peers in the field of new technology, especially in the field of increasing and decreasing materials. Makino has been very low-key in the industry, but his products are good at precision. Its adherence to its advantages in precision tooling and other processing fields is admirable, and the technical level of its horizontal machining center is amazing

what surprises me about this exhibition is that Yasuda, which used to be famous for ultra precision machining machine tools, has a significantly larger booth area and more participating models than before. The appearance and color matching of the participating products are also refreshing, which not only retains the stable temperament, but also adds some

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