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Hit a new high! Hanhai new materials has been approved by the provincial high-performance special copolyester Engineering Technology Research Center

to a new high! Hanhai new material has been approved by the provincial high-performance special copolyester engineering and technology research center

December 24, 2020

Hanhai new material, which adheres to its original intention, cleaves waves and cuts waves, with an international vision and the pride of national enterprises, and has been deeply cultivated in high-performance special copolyester for decades, has recently made new achievements: it has been approved as the provincial high-performance special copolyester engineering and technology research center. Engineering Technology Research Center refers to the research center positioned as engineering technology research, which should be declared as a provincial engineering technology research center, and its technical depth and scientific research strength should not be underestimated

Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center relies on key scientific research institutions with strong scientific and technological strength in relevant industries or fields in Jiangsu Province, high-tech enterprises at or above the provincial level, and scientific research and development entities established by colleges and universities. With the goal of promoting scientific and technological innovation in Jiangsu Province, it aims to strengthen the construction of R & D platforms with production capacity customized according to the size of equipment models, and carry out engineering technology research, testing, and complete sets of technical services, Develop common and key technologies in industrial development, continue to provide mature supporting technologies, processes, equipment and products, promote the transformation of achievements and technology radiation, drive the technological level improvement and scientific and technological progress of relevant industries, and enhance the technological innovation ability and market competitiveness of Jiangsu industry

based on the local Hanhai new materials in Suzhou, with extremely professional and solid scientific research ability, product quality that can withstand market grinding and testing, and unique special research and development parts, the cost is 40% less than the competitive multi-material 3D printer technology. It has made great progress all the way, and successfully entered the Jiangsu Provincial high-performance special copolyester Engineering Technology Research Center, becoming a domestic high-performance special copolyester pilot enterprise

national feelings Hanhai new material responds to the call for national anti epidemic

in a flash, 2020 is nearing the end, and the initial epidemic started in the first year of magic once made countless enterprises fall to the bottom, which is still haunting. "During the epidemic period, the demand for anti epidemic materials is huge, and drugs and food are constantly sent to the front line. In order to be safer and more convenient, the cost pressure of many manufacturers has also surged, such as pet protective coating on protective masks, plastic packaging of drugs and many other applications. The cost of imported materials is very expensive, and there are few enterprises in the world that can supply such polymer materials. However, we have overcome the technical difficulties and can effectively cooperate with production It is not easy for manufacturers to complete the building of the industrial chain. " Said the project leader of Hanhai new materials

however, what the modest and low-key Hanhai Xincai people didn't tell the public was that in the face of the high prices offered by international giants who are close to technological monopoly, Hanhai Xincai resolutely joined the anti epidemic front, took the country as the first, provided high-end copolyesters with high cost performance for downstream industries, worked together with upstream and downstream industries to overcome difficulties, and silently contributed to the strength of scientific researchers

highly praised, joint R & D strength to achieve win-win cooperation

as a special functional copolyester R & D enterprise focusing on three directions of coatings, adhesives and inks, Hanhai new materials Institute F. display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; All kinds of special functional copolyesters developed have been recognized and favored by cooperative enterprises and customers with strong stability and safety. Many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including pharmaceutical packaging head enterprises, large electronic device manufacturers, have more than years of cooperation experience with Hanhai new materials, and therefore have established a deep trust relationship

in addition to the strict control on the pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic composite sealant, Hanhai new material replaces the resin with a new FFC electronic adhesive, which improves the adhesion to copper wire and the high temperature and high humidity resistance, greatly improves the performance and outdoor stability of digital devices such as monitors and car audio, and helps cooperative enterprises and customers achieve product improvement and breakthrough

not only that, the efficient cooperation ability of the localization team, the rapid R & D adaptation level of copolyester properties, and Hanhai new materials' ten-year adherence to providing all systematic industry solutions for the R & D of copolyester products with special functions for cooperative enterprises and customers, have made more than 60% of the enterprise customers of Hanhai new materials participating in the joint R & D of new products during the cooperation period. The love for the industry and the careful polishing of products are bound to get more positive feedback from the market. In the next years, Hanhai new materials is expected to achieve an increase of 100 million, and realize stepped growth again

the honor of the provincial high-performance special copolyester Engineering Technology Research Center has set a new milestone for Hanhai new materials, and also made Hanhai new materials set sail again and embark on a new journey. In the post epidemic era, as the country puts forward more urgent requirements for the localization of high-performance materials, Hanhai new materials shoulders the pride and mission of national enterprises and bravely accepts more difficult technical challenges

at present, not only does food and drug packaging have higher environmental protection needs, but the wide application of special polymer materials also puts forward higher requirements and challenges for research and development. In addition to focusing on the research and development of products in the direction of heat sealing and water solubility, Hanhai new materials will also invest more research and development efforts in the related application fields of high-performance special copolyesters. The measurement of tensile strength and tensile strength is worthy of the expectation of relevant fields and industries

let's continue to pay attention to Hanhai new materials and see how Hanhai new materials can ride the wind and waves in the post epidemic era and set a higher and stronger industry benchmark

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