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CNR innovation core system installs "China heart" for the high-speed railway

CNR innovation core system installs "China heart" for the high-speed railway

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recently, the national railway implemented a new train diagram, and the operation range of multiple unit trains was expanded to 28 provinces and cities, and the four western provinces and regions such as Gansu, Guizhou, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia opened multiple unit trains for the first time. These new bullet trains in 3/4 regions of the province are CRH5 bullet trains provided by CNR Changchun Rail Transit Co., Ltd

since 2007, CRH5 multiple units with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour have operated safely and stably on the land of China for 7 years, and a total of 141 (including 1 comprehensive inspection vehicle) have been put into operation for supplementary tests, with a total operating mileage of more than 200million kilometers, equivalent to more than 5000 times around the earth

"made in China" to "made in China"

you may not think that Zhao Minghua, the chief engineer of Changke Co., Ltd., who is in charge of technology, is actually a gentle woman. "CRH5 EMU was originally introduced from ALSTOM in Europe, but it has encountered some new problems in China's vast and complex operating environment. We continue to improve it on our own." Zhao Minghua proudly said that at present, more than 100 CRH5 cars are running on the road, in a very stable state and with perfect functions

at 21:26 on December 28, 2013, the g1202/g1203 train arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Station from Harbin, and ran out of three world records in the history of high-speed rail in one day: the longest direct mileage, the largest temperature contrast, and the most weather belt crossing. This train is crh380 high cold EMU developed by CNR

"crh380b with a maximum speed of 380 kilometers per hour, although our mechanical products have a certain number of internationally competitive EMUs, we have introduced Siemens technology, but we have changed the traction and network. From this, we have manufactured crh380bl EMUs with long marshalling on the Beijing Shanghai line and crh380b EMUs with high temperature on the Harbin Dalian high speed railway." Zhao Minghua said

on November 25 this year, a CRH5 EMU entered the final stage of "5000 km main line test", which is the first high-speed EMU in China to achieve traction electric drive system and network control, and formulate a new energy vehicle guidance system that takes into account innovation and development. The traction electric drive system is the "heart of high-speed rail" and the source of power for the train; The network control system is the "brain of high-speed rail", which determines and commands every move of the train. Li Jun, deputy chief engineer of Changke Co., Ltd., said that the complete independent innovation of these two systems marks the leap from "made in China" to "created in China" for China's high-speed rail trains

"the heart of high-speed rail" and "the brain of high-speed rail" realize Sinicization

train Jiangsu Jinfa technology accounts for more than 10% of the market share. The network control system, such as "brain" and "nerve center", is one of the most critical core technologies of rail cars, and it is also the focus of technical locking of foreign companies. Chang zhenchen, deputy chief engineer of Changke Co., Ltd., led a team to tackle key problems and realize the digestion, absorption and re innovation of the system on the basis of technology introduction

in the process of the localization of CRH5 EMU train network control system led by Chang zhenchen, the CRH5 vehicle, which was put into operation on April 18, 2007, once had the phenomenon of false alarm caused by frequent axle temperature jump. If Alstom is relied on to solve this problem, it will take at least half a year, and it will cost a lot of money. Chang zhenchen decisively led the team to tackle the key problems by himself. In only more than two months, he accurately "found" the "culprit" in tens of thousands of lines of source code, and eliminated the fault through software redesign

they also corrected the defects of foreign software design and the indicators that do not adapt to China's train operation environment. Zhenghengliang, an expert in network control technology of Changke Co., Ltd., said that there was a warning device hardware on the EMU, and the driver needed to step on it regularly to prove that he was still operating, but the device broke down from time to time. They used three pages of descriptive language in the software to realize the vigilance function, replacing the hardware of the original vigilance device

nowadays, under the "going out" strategy of promoting China's high-speed rail, only with the independent innovation ability of core components can it dominate the international competition. CNR's "heart of high-speed rail" and "brain of high-speed rail" have been successfully implanted into high-speed EMUs, which will better promote China's high-speed rail "going global"

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