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Innovation drives the "national five year plan" series of Reza heavy machinery to help the industry "dream of becoming a powerful country"

innovation drives the "national five year plan" series of Reza heavy machinery to help the industry "dream of becoming a powerful country"

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last October, with the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" put forward at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, adhere to green innovation The implementation of coordinated opening-up has become the main theme of China's economic and social development. In January this year, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued an announcement, officially determining the implementation time of the "national five year plan" standard. "Since July 1, 2017, all heavy-duty diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered throughout the country must meet the requirements of the national five year plan." It means that the "national five year plan" era, which has a far-reaching impact on all walks of life, has quietly arrived

national policy is an important direction to lead the development of enterprises. The construction machinery industry experienced a period of weakness after ultra-high speed development. As a series of problems blocking the implementation of the "national five year plan" standards, such as oil upgrading, were cleared away, and the development of the industry ushered in New opportunities. After smelling the business opportunities, some enterprises have accelerated the R & D and market launch of the "national five year plan" products. However, at present, only a few enterprises in China have mature "national five year plan" technology and can produce in volume, while the "national five year plan" standard is like a sword, ready to go

for Reza heavy machinery, the "green power leader", the industry reshuffle brought by the "national five year plan" era is its "favorable timing and location" in occupying an important position in the domestic medium and high-end construction machinery field. As the first enterprise in the construction machinery industry to release the "national five year plan" series of products, he said: "at present, as an enterprise in recycling waste products, Reza heavy machinery actively responds to the national requirements for engine emission standards, makes a comprehensive layout, innovatively integrates green and environmental friendly manufacturing technology into production, and continues to lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry from product research and development, supporting applications to production reserves, after-sales services, etc.

as the only enterprise in the industry that can provide As an enterprise of "complete set of green concrete construction" equipment, Reza heavy machinery adheres to the emission upgrading technical route of "high-pressure common rail", and has won the trust and favor of the market and customers with its excellent product performance and high-quality service experience. According to the data, in the domestic construction machinery industry, in the "national five year plan" product sales volume, Reza heavy machinery accounted for 39.2%, ranking first in the industry

as the most complete "national five year plan" product line in the construction machinery industry at present, and the most mature brand with the highest in place rate and the most mature products that control the teeth to be around 60 degrees or the mouth to be smaller, Reza heavy machinery has launched L9 "national five year plan" series products that have undergone 13 core breakthroughs and 62 technological upgrades according to the stringent manufacturing technical requirements. The new products can improve the efficiency by 30% and save energy by 12% - 20%. The sales area covers 75% of the country, Among them, 60% are sold to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities that took the lead in implementing the "national five year plan" standards, and take these economically developed regions as demonstration benchmarks to radiate the national market. In addition, Reza heavy machinery industry is the first to introduce the lightest 3-bridge 6-square and 4-bridge 8-square mixer products. It inherits the German research and development and is equipped with Cummins power. The power and vehicle performance still maintain the excellent performance of high efficiency and energy saving. With the same standard, it has lighter self weight and greater load

in this competitive era, only innovation can make the brand last for a long time and constantly burst into new energy. With innovation driven as the core, Reza heavy machinery is determined to forge ahead from an international perspective. The "national five year plan" series of products sensitively capture the market value on the technological commanding height, realize the dream of quality creating value, create the journey of the construction machinery industry from "made in China" to "made in China", and help China's construction machinery industry realize the "dream of becoming a powerful country" at the government level as soon as possible

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