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The cost of innovation is getting higher and higher, and counterfeit products of furniture brands are rampant.

the topic of cracking down on counterfeits is not only mentioned in March 15. In recent years, leading brands in the home furnishing industry have also been defending the sovereignty of originality, but until 2014, the number of plagiarists has not decreased, "copying and being copied" seems to have become a daily behavior. What's more tragic is that those who defend and plagiarize are plagiarizing. Those who "copy and imitate" are like cockroaches, which are more tenacious than those who fight

with the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture industry, the innovation cost of original brand furniture is getting higher and higher, and the shame of counterfeit brands is discarded. In the long run, this industry will staged a more tragic battle tragedy. Just as the top 100 furniture companies have tolerated for many years and finally picked up legal weapons, innovative brands should no longer wait to die

the crackdown on counterfeit goods has swept through a number of counterfeiters

it is undeniable that shopping platforms such as Taobao and tmall, which so-called "advocate authentic products and eliminate imitations", have become fertile soil for selling fake and shoddy products

at the beginning of this year, Lhasa international home appliances received a large number of complaints from consumers, saying that there were quality problems with the Lhasa furniture purchased from, but the contact seller did not solve them. At the same time, dealers in many cities across the country also reported that some consumers bought furniture of this brand on the Internet, and then went to physical stores to compare, before they knew that all their purchases were fakes. In our unannounced interview, the customer service staff of the imitation not only provided the product pictures that were obviously stolen and reproduced, but also said without hesitation: "what we do is the imitation of Lhasa, and we ensure that the materials are exactly the same."

according to the environmental conditions and application frequency, Lhasa implanted new technologies into the products and installed "electronic ID card" inside each furniture, which can identify the authenticity through the company's proprietary special instruments. In addition, the online officials can also provide consumers with product display and corresponding consulting and design services. The brand said, "do not do online transactions."

rights protection prosecution makes plagiarists have nowhere to hide

they are also imitations, and there are even bigger ones to play with. At the beginning of this year, Lu, one of the top 100, found that the shapes of more than ten products in Hanting legend furniture, such as bed cabinets, sofas, TV cabinets, desks, dining chairs, produced, sold and promised by Yitong, Xuanyi and Dongsheng, were highly similar to the products for which he had applied for patents. After unsuccessful communication, he filed a lawsuit with the intellectual property court. It is reported that this infringement case is the first furniture infringement case since the establishment of the intellectual property court, and the total amount of litigation subject matter of more than 130 million yuan is also the largest of its kind. Among them, one brand of unified furniture was involved in the largest amount, amounting to more than 87 million yuan

low quality imitations often tempt consumers with low prices.

authentic products are expensive and imitations are cheap, which should be the most attractive factor for consumers. But is there really only a price gap? Lhasa said that the products usually use super camphor wood as the board, and the veneer also uses imported veneer of 6mm. There are detailed standards and procedures for everything from hardware and slide rails to the number of times of painting and oiling. The top 100 said that they have been "watched" by their peers for a long time. Every time companies spend energy on product innovation, they will be counterfeited in the afternoon of October 15. Most of these imitations imitate the top 100 products in appearance, but they can't copy the real manufacturing technology and quality of the top 100 furniture. Although the products are similar in appearance, but the workmanship is poor, which is actually cheating and hurting consumers

cracking down on plagiarism makes the home furnishing industry compete well.

buying furniture is not only a love of style and material, but also a recognition of brand connotation and production technology, but also a longing for peace of mind and health. In order to pursue interests, Shanzhai Pinshi will replace inferior products with good ones, which is likely to bring safety hazards such as formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and the quality cannot meet the relevant standards. Once there is a problem, there is no after-sales guarantee at all. Genuine products fight back against counterfeiters, in fact, it is not to correct the name of a few products. The deeper purpose is to make more people realize that the household industry should have a deeper understanding of the protection of patent rights, and the development of patents and independent design is the king of benign competition

intellectual property courts should help the household industry combat counterfeiting

in the first 10 months of 2014, Beijing courts have accepted more than 23000 intellectual property cases, of which three intermediate courts accepted more than 11000 cases, an increase of 180% year-on-year. On November 16, China's first intellectual property court was established in Beijing. On December 15, Guangzhou intellectual property court was officially established. It is reported that Shanghai Intellectual Property Court will also be established within the year

in the past, when faced with infringement problems, plagiarized brands often chose to "give up" due to complex processes and too much time and money. Now, with the establishment of the intellectual property court, it is like grasping the straw for the infringed enterprises. With the continuous improvement of relevant legal systems, the road of safeguarding the rights of household enterprises is expected to be much smoother

in addition to taking more resolute and effective measures in terms of property preservation, evidence preservation, behavior preservation, etc. from the procedure within the existing legal framework of intellectual property, so that the protection of intellectual property can be reflected from the source of the procedure, so we can only adopt it first. In addition, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court will also strengthen communication with all sectors of society through interconnection. We should really focus on intellectual property rights under the "sunshine"

wangguohua, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen law firm, said, "the establishment of the intellectual property court not only shows the importance the state attaches to the protection of intellectual property rights, but also provides a more convenient and effective way for enterprises to safeguard their rights."

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