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Evonik focuses on 3D printing materials

recently, Evonik group's new nylon 12 plant in Mar, Germany, has officially started construction as a basis for calculation since last year

this investment, which costs tens of millions of euros, will significantly increase the production capacity of Evonik vestosint nylon 12 by 50%. The plant is expected to officially start operation in 2017

in an interview, Dr. Ralph Sven Kaufmann, chief operating officer of Evonik, said: "ensuring organic growth is the cornerstone of the company's long-term development strategy, so the company continues to increase investment in promoting innovation and improving production capacity. This time, the construction of Mar new plant is also to ensure that we occupy a leading position in many polymer markets with nylon 12 as raw material."

over the years, Evonik has always been committed to developing special polymer powders that can be used in the production of 3D printing materials, and the quality performance of vestosint nylon 12 coincides with 3D printing technology. This has also strengthened the determination of Evonik to expand this time, but

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