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Innovative "hardware" poverty alleviation model gravity writing poverty alleviation "housing sample"

the road is open, the house is bright, and the environment is beautiful... Dagu village, Hengshan Town, Anju District, a remote poor village, has undergone gratifying changes because of poverty alleviation. The cement road to the village is straight and wide, and the ecological lemon and cinnamon planting demonstration base on the hillside is beginning to take shape, The change of Dagu village is a microcosm of the development of 82 poor villages in Anju district. "Let the all-round well-off society belong to everyone who lives in peace" has become the common aspiration of the whole region

in recent years, Anju district has taken targeted poverty alleviation as the top priority of economic development and the first livelihood project. According to the work requirements of "setting targets, policies, measures, goals", it has focused on "six precisions", innovated the "five ones" model, and constantly explored a new path to expand poverty eradication

innovate the "hardware" poverty alleviation model, and the poor people are not worried about getting rid of poverty.

"this year, I made more than 5000 yuan selling traditional Chinese medicine, and the money is in my bag!" A few days ago, Ni Xingfu, a villager in tongzhuwan village, Buyun Township, Anju District, was busy in the field. Speaking of the benefits brought by the development of traditional Chinese medicine cultivation, Ni Xingfu was very happy

in 2016, Ni Xingfu, who had worked in Guangdong for many years, returned to his hometown due to physical reasons. Soon, driven by the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in the village, he planted Bletilla striata and other medicinal materials in three areas. "I only sold 8 kilograms of Bletilla heads this year and earned 3690 yuan. The rest of the heads are still in the field..." Ni Xingfu told with a smile. Now, he has planted the growing Bletilla striata seedlings with fast running speed, and the area has also been expanded from 3 points to 1 mu and 2 points. The poverty-stricken households in the village who took the initiative to develop industries like him were also rewarded with 140000 yuan

relying on this industrial project, tongzhuwan village has explored the income increase mode of "land circulation, equity dividends, industrial development, employment and work, and policy rewards and subsidies", trying to enable the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich through the "hardware" mode combining "rent, stock, cash, salary, and bonus"

by adopting the model of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + village committees + farmers", tongzhuwan village encourages poor households to use microfinance funds and industrial development funds to invest in leading enterprises and professional cooperatives. At present, 98 farmers in the village (63 poor households in the village have all joined the cooperative) have become members of the cooperative by means of land or capital shares, with 132 mu of land shares, 896000 yuan of capital shares (microcredit, industrial development fund, etc.), and 92800 yuan of bonus income at the minimum every year

and industrial development has also led to the continuous increase of employment in the village. Up to now, tongzhuwan village has participated in 3000 migrant workers in the planting and breeding industry dominated by traditional Chinese medicine planting bases at home, including 1600 migrant workers from poor households

Ding Zhong said that by implementing the "hardware" model, 201 people from 63 poor households in the village can achieve an annual income of more than 1.85 million yuan, an annual net income of more than 1.15 million yuan, and a per capita net income of more than 5700 yuan

on May 3 this year, the main leaders of the municipal Party committee came to tanzhuwan village, Buyun Township, Anju district to check and accept the "spring offensive" to combat poverty, and fully affirmed the "hardware" model implemented by the township. Now, the poverty relief villages in the region are promoting the "hardware" model

examiners narrow the distance between the masses and cadres

in order to further promote the publicity of grassroots party affairs and village (residential) affairs, and improve the satisfaction of Party members and the masses, Anju District piloted the village "two committees" debriefing in poor villages, which has achieved great response and results. Since April this year, it has been comprehensively promoted in all villages (communities) in the region, so that party members and the masses can better understand the work of the village (community) "two committees", It has laid a solid mass foundation for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy

whether cadres can do it or not depends on whether they win or lose on the way out of poverty; The masses will judge whether the work is good or not. Shiwan village and erhuangou village in Baoshi Town, Anju district are poverty relief and hat removal villages this year. The two villages are adjacent, and it takes only more than 10 minutes to drive back and forth along the newly built Liancun road. On the afternoon of November 17 last year, the masses of the two villages came to their respective village level activity positions early, waiting to "score" their respective village cadres and village based assistance cadres

on the same day, Baoshi town held a work report meeting in these two poverty-stricken villages. The cadres of the village "two committees" and the working group stationed in the village reported their work to the masses, "exposed" their work measures and achievements in the past year, and accepted the on-site questions and comments of the masses

"if it can be solved on site, if it cannot be solved on site, then the technicians will configure a new meter box for the customer and calibrate it, so as to make a good plan and refine the method for future work." Chen Cai, Secretary of the Party committee of Baoshi Town, said that he hoped that in this way, the people would have a comprehensive understanding of China Zhongwang, together with Volvo and BYD steel wire tensile testing machines, which were widely used in all kinds of materials such as gold, metal, rubber, shoes, leather, clothing, textiles, building materials, insulators, wires, cables, terminals and so on, to carry out technical cooperation to solve the current poverty alleviation work, while forcing the cadres to take the initiative to help, Dare to highlight shortcomings and do a good job in problem rectification

this is not only a "test" for poverty relief cadres, but also their commitment to the masses

now, the poverty relief villages in the region will hold a talk meeting at the end of the year to talk about problems and measures face to face, further narrowing the distance between cadres and the masses

there are more and more "people who understand the law" equipped with village officials under the rule of law.

recently, the Xiangzhu village committee office in Hengshan Town was bustling, and the farmers' night school was held as scheduled. Different from the past, this training is about the civil procedure law, contract law and other contents. Xia Gang, a "village official under the rule of law" from Hengshan people's court, is popularizing legal knowledge for villagers through real cases

"village officials under the rule of law" bear the heavy responsibility, not only to bring the legal services urgently needed by the masses to poor villages, but also to root the modern concept of rule of law into the hearts of the masses and turn it into action under the rule of law

since 2016, Anju district has taken the opportunity of "one village, one legal adviser" to equip "village officials under the rule of law" in poverty-stricken villages, forming a "5+3" working pattern in 471 villages and 53 communities in the region. Legal advisers and village officials under the rule of law give full play to their own advantages, comprehensively strengthen and regularly carry out the "law into the countryside", so that the "law" seeps into the hearts of everyone in every village and household. At the same time, we should strengthen legal services, encourage and call on the masses to take up legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights and interests, provide them with legal advice and legal assistance, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of the people. At present, more than 300 law savvy people have been trained

according to the introduction, Anju district has self imposed pressure, reform and innovation on the basis of the "5+2" Assistance Force of 1 leader, 1 assistance unit, 1 "first secretary", 1 village working group, 1 village agricultural technician, 1 assistance enterprise and 1 financial village official in each poor village. According to the principle of "one poor village, one 'village official ruled by law', taking into account the place of work and birthplace", 82 cadres with legal expertise were selected to actively participate in the construction of poverty-stricken villages, effectively strengthen the rule of law guarantee services and poverty alleviation, fully realize the full coverage of "rule of law Village Officials" in 82 poverty-stricken villages, and strive to build a "5+3" assistance pattern

all village officials under the rule of law are in place. They will carry out legal publicity and provide legal advisory services through carriers and platforms such as the dam Association, the Broadcasting Association, and farmers' night schools

Since June last year, Anju district has sent more than 3400 government personnel to 471 administrative villages and 53 communities at the grass-roots level to carry out the activities of "connecting hearts in villages, returning to hometown, going home, and connecting with relatives" according to the place of birth, place of growth, or relationship in marriage

"carrying out the activity of 'connecting hearts in villages, returning home, and getting married' in the whole region is a useful exploration of the district Party committee in innovating grass-roots governance. The purpose is to let cadres at all levels in the region roll up their sleeves, shake off their arms, sink down, take steps, go deep into the grass-roots level, go deep into the masses, connect with the masses, and get married with the masses", said liuguanghui, member of the Standing Committee of the Anju district Party committee and head of the organization department

in 2016, Zhang Yong decided to plant cinnamon in the village with the confidence of returning home to start a business. Unexpectedly, he encountered difficulties in planting cinnamon at the beginning. Due to the poor local soil conditions, which are lateritic and sticky, most of the cinnamon seedlings planted by Zhang Yong in the field did not survive, which hit him hard when he started his business

in June 2017, Anju District carried out an in-depth activity of "connecting hearts in the village, returning home to visit relatives, and contacting relatives". A working group composed of 13 "returning home to visit relatives" cadres entered Guanyintang village, and Li Wenzheng was one of the "returning home to visit relatives"

Li Wenzheng, who came out of the village, was well aware of the poverty caused by the lack of pillar industries in the village for many years, so he took the initiative to find Zhang Yong and help him solve the problems encountered in Xianggui base

"I went to the base to check the situation and found that the survival rate of seedlings was only more than half." Li Wenzheng said that it took him a month to find the Anju Agricultural Bureau, forestry bureau and other departments to coordinate and put the difficulties encountered by Zhang Yong in planting cinnamon on the table. After learning the situation, the government agencies and units sent experts to the planting base to collect and analyze the situation and improve the soil

today, Zhang Yong's cinnamon base is full of vitality, and some of it has already borne fruit

at present, 3400 government officials in the region, like Li Wenzheng, take advantage of holidays and weekends to carry out "return home and relatives" in rural areas to help the village do propaganda, solve difficult problems, do practical things and seek development

after cadres go to the countryside, they not only help the masses solve their problems, but also give them spiritual help. Walk into the home of Wangyizhen, an old man in group 1 of Guanyintang village. The spacious courtyard outside the house is clean and bright. Wang Yizhen held Yang Jun's hand tightly. "Thank you for coming here often to ask about the well-being. I feel very happy when I think of the death of my son and wife, and when I think of your care for me." Wang Yizhen's eyes were full of tears

"78 year old Wang Yizhen is a lonely old man in the village. Her wife and son both died of illness, leaving her and her grandson dependent on each other. Now her grandson is in his twenties and has been working outside all year round, leaving only old Wang Yizhen at home." As the object of marriage support of Yang Jun, Secretary of Hengshan Town Commission for Discipline Inspection, Yang Jun visits the old man at her home twoorthree times a month. "Usually chat with the old man, ask her if she has any difficulties and needs help, and try to make her feel no longer lonely mentally."

while the masses benefit, enterprises are no exception. Anju good son-in-law Food Co., Ltd. moved to gaotanba village from Xinqiao Town in November 2016. In June 2017, gaotanba village held a symposium on "returning home and going home", at which Xiao Yong, the general manager of the company, put forward several problems currently encountered in the factory to the cadres. In less than a week, the home leave working group helped solve the problem

"at first, I had a try mentality. I didn't expect that less than a week after the problem was raised, the leaders came to understand the situation and discuss the solution to the problem." Xiao Yong was a little excited. I didn't dare to think that the leaders would help small enterprises like us before. Now the problems of the company have been solved for me. In private, I often care about whether I have any difficulties to help. "

returning home and going home, we really keep the well-being of the masses in mind and do practical things for the masses


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