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Innovation driven "intelligent manufacturing" sings the theme of "people-oriented"

the central economic work conference held recently pointed out that the maximum sample width of 100mm should adhere to the focus on improving quality and core competitiveness, adhere to innovation driven development, and expand high-quality but in the process of this a few, needs to be done through the data acquisition and processing, so the data acquisition and processing, as a child module is called, respectively. Supply of products and services. From December 6 to 8, the "world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference" co hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Jiangsu provincial government was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center in Jiangsu Province. With the theme of "making manufacturing smarter", this conference focuses on the development direction of Intelligent Manufacturing in the world, analyzes the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, and discusses various practical application fields of manufacturing industry. It can be said that this is an exhibition of cutting-edge technology, but also a collision of wisdom sparks, singing the theme of the "people-oriented" era

"intelligent manufacturing" makes talents more concentrated. Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. The main body of innovation is people. As the leader of scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing still depends on all kinds of scientific and technological talents to play a key role. In the world's most advanced technologies of intelligent manufacturing, such as IOT, the "Internet plus" action plan, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robot workshops, intelligent solutions, etc., the human factor is of great importance. Intelligent manufacturing is a production mode change that meets the whole industrial chain. Intelligent manufacturing emphasizes the new production and marketing pattern of people-oriented and customer demand centered. In addition to improving manufacturing capacity, it also needs to develop to the high end of the industrial chain. Intelligent manufacturing is a whole industry chain process of "people-oriented and product centered". Therefore, intelligent manufacturing, not only can never replace human labor, but also needs more high-end talents. As Li Qiang, Secretary of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, emphasized in the report of the 13th provincial Party Congress, we should rely on high-tech zones, development zones and various innovation carriers to promote the integration and linkage of innovation organizations in the region, and vigorously attract all kinds of scientific and technological talents and high water at home and abroad. Because plastic machinery and equipment R & D institutions have settled in our province, we should gather all kinds of forces through industrial and Technological Innovation Alliances, so as to create a talent highland, innovation highland Industrial highland

"intelligent manufacturing" makes wisdom burst out. The theme of the "world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference" is "making manufacturing smarter". At the exhibition site, from international giants to local enterprises, they all devoted great enthusiasm to the conference. Many new products and technologies were displayed for the first time. It can be said that "meet the future here", which is a centralized display and vivid practice of the latest scientific and technological innovation achievements. No matter how smart the manufacturing is, it also needs smart people to design and complete it. Intelligent manufacturing is not only aimed at the production end, but also measured by the automation rate. The key is to give full play to human wisdom, breed new manufacturing modes and maximize efficiency. Of course, scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing will not occur out of thin air and will not naturally form. They must rely on continuous learning and innovation. Without exaggeration, "this" world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference " It is a national conference and world-class event with the highest specification and the largest scale in the field of intelligent manufacturing. It is a grand event and banquet for the global leaders of intelligent manufacturing to discuss big plans, create the future and collide with wisdom. It will further stimulate the creativity and innovation of advanced manufacturing enterprises and scientific and technological innovation leaders, so as to better lead the coordinated and sustainable development of China's economy and science and continue to lead the world in "intelligent manufacturing"

"intelligent manufacturing" makes life better. Let the people live a good life is the starting point and end result of all our work. Making the people live more comfortable, happier and more dignified is the value of modern labor and the essential embodiment of the superiority of the socialist system. In the rapidly changing information age, people hope that the production and lifestyle will be more high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and brand-name. "Intelligent manufacturing" optimizes the industrial structure and improves the lifestyle, and has great potential in focusing on enriching the people and serving the people. In particular, smart city construction can significantly improve the quality of life of urban residents, urban operation efficiency and economic and social development level, and constantly improve the happiness of urban residents. The popularization and wide application of advanced technologies such as "Internet +, IOT, big data and cloud computing have made people feel the charm of scientific and technological innovation. Standing at the forefront of the era of scientific and technological innovation, we should adhere to the goal of "focusing on innovation, enriching the people, and building a well-off society at a high level in an all-round way", vigorously promote the application of scientific and technological achievements in various fields such as "intelligent manufacturing" and "smart Jiangsu", help the transformation and upgrading of emerging industries, and optimize public services, so as to make people's lives more high-end, smarter, more convenient and happier

technology changes life and innovation leads development. Intelligent manufacturing is bringing new vitality and vigor to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. At the same time, it is also gathering strong talent and wisdom factors that promote the formation and development of new economy, new industry and new kinetic energy. We have reason to believe that under the support and guidance of the "people-oriented" concept, it will bring more earth shaking changes to "intelligent manufacturing", and will also promote the all-round development of people, so that the people have a stronger sense of gain and happiness

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