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China's flexible plastic packaging goes out of China to compete in the world market

with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of China's flexible plastic packaging industry when using gram small bags of sand, it will provide more opportunities for product export growth; In addition, the continuous maturity of the domestic consumer market will make the export market transfer an important way for more enterprises to seek sustainable development. In a word, the export market prospect of China's plastic flexible packaging industry will be very broad

pci is easy to replace; The latest market analysis report of film consulting company (hereinafter referred to as PCI) points out that due to the gradual economic recovery of the Middle East and African countries, their domestic investment has been increasing, and the market trend of food processing industry has also improved. Affected by this, the market demand for flexible packaging in the two regions and one of the three largest tomato producing and processing countries in the world will grow at a rate of 5% in the next five years

pci said that the market value of flexible packaging in the Middle East and Africa will reach US $4billion in 2013. With the enhancement of the economic strength of the countries in the above two regions, the demand of local residents for food packaging is expanding day by day. To this end, major flexible packaging multinational companies around the world have begun to aim at business opportunities and prepare to enter the Middle East and African markets

according to the analysis data, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the four countries with the largest demand in the flexible packaging market in the Middle East and Africa. Its annual consumption of flexible packaging products accounts for more than half of the total

in terms of sales, Nigeria is the country with the best sales of soft packaging products in the Middle East and Africa markets according to liguangyao, a senior engineer of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Over the past five years, the demand growth rate of flexible packaging market in this country is 12%. It is gratifying that even in small countries like Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates, the market demand for flexible packaging is increasing year by year

at the same time, PCI pointed out in the report that Iran and Syria have not kept pace with other countries due to political, economic and social instability, and their demand growth rate of flexible packaging market is far below the average level

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