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A brief introduction to the weekly market of China Plastics information PP (May 25 - May 27)

as of 15:00 on May 27, China's plastic price index was 907.74 points, down 14.64 points from the same period last week. China Plastics first inserted the pen into the maximum range, and the spot index fell to 969.45 points, down 20.87 points from the same period last week

I. review of upstream information:

on the whole, the price of this week showed a slight upward trend. Continuing the good performance of last week, the crude oil price continued to rise slightly this week. On Monday, the New York Mercantile Exchange was closed for trading on the US memorial day, but the global electronic trading system operated normally. As of May 27, the average closing price per barrel of New York light oil futures in the first month was 62 At present, the most widely used thermal conductive plastic in the LED field is $45, which is $2.80 higher than the previous week; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures for the first month closed at an average price of US $61.24 per barrel, US $2.32 higher than the previous week

II. Market Review:

the PP market maintained a slow and slight downward trend this week. On Monday, the market continued the trend of slight decline last week. On Tuesday, the market was mainly stable, but the transaction price fell slightly due to the sluggish demand. On Wednesday, due to the support of petrochemical pricing at the end of the month, the market fell by a small margin. However, due to the lack of improvement in demand and the approaching of the festival, there were not many business operations. The market was mainly pessimistic about the future market, and the overall market situation showed a slow downward trend

in petrochemicals, manufacturers sold at the end of the month. The mainstream ex factory price of T30S was RMB/ton, and that of EPS30R was RMB/ton

in terms of devices, the PP device of Yan'an refinery produces T30S, the manufacturer's inventory is acceptable, the daily settlement is 8700 yuan/ton, and the latest sales price is 8650 yuan/ton. Sales were weak. PA14D-1 is produced by PP unit of Daqing Refining and chemical company. Continue to implement listing sales, with average sales and small inventory. Liaoyang Petrochemical PP plant produces fibers. Pricing sales are implemented, the manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the sales are acceptable

III. trend forecast for next week:

the PP market continued to decline slowly this week. The market is dominated by bad news. The sluggish demand leads to the imbalance between supply and demand. It still takes a long time for the global economy to fully recover. Excellent terminal services are the cornerstone of the brand, and the demand cannot be improved in the short term. Although crude oil has been rising day after day this week, it does not play a big role in the sluggish market, and the petrochemical end of month pricing also has a very weak support for the market. Overall, the market fundamentals have not changed. Based on the above news, it is expected that the market will continue to decline slightly in the future, and the downturn may continue

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