The most popular plastic food packaging is limited

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Plastic food packaging is limited and degradable disposable tableware is favored.

since January 1 this year, the market access system has been implemented for food packaging. All plastic bags used for food must be marked with the words for food, and must have the QS food quality and safety license mark and number uniformly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. On the 18th, I visited some supermarkets in Harbin. Although the QS certification for plastic food packaging has been implemented for more than half a month, some plastic food packaging bags still do not have the QS mark, and some degradable disposable tableware quickly seized the market after the implementation of the new regulations, which is very popular with consumers

in a supermarket in Daoli District, there are an endless stream of consumers buying disposable tableware. Some consumers told that as the Spring Festival approached, family dinners and friends' gatherings began to increase. This kind of disposable tableware needs to be prepared more. When they found that the supermarket had green and environmentally friendly degradable tableware, they did not hesitate to choose several, so that family and friends could eat at ease

according to the person in charge of the supermarket, this kind of tableware is developed and produced by a company in Harbin. It is made of plant starch as the main raw material and the latest degradation technology. It is sterilized by ultraviolet ray and ozone generator. Compared with other similar products, this disposable tableware is healthy, harmless, green, waterproof, oil resistant, cold and heat resistant, and can also be used in microwave ovens and refrigerators. It is understood that before the notch surface is used as a surgical tool tray, spray, fluid controller, heart valve, pacemaker, gas mask, tooth support, etc., the disposable tableware has been stationed in a number of large supermarkets in Harbin. The pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine it advocates is far away from toxic lunch boxes and healthy and of its own choice meets the requirements of the standard gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013. The harmonious consumption concept enables consumers to use it with real confidence Safe and healthy lunch box

it has been learned from relevant departments that the QS certification of plastic food packaging has not yet entered the mandatory implementation stage. Therefore, when purchasing fresh-keeping film, plastic food packaging bags, disposable tableware and other products, if there is no QS mark, citizens should try to choose environmentally friendly degradable disposable tableware, which is both environmentally friendly and safe

according to relevant experts, the common plastic tableware that people often come into contact with at ordinary times is often added with industrial paraffin, talc powder, calcium carbonate and other harmful substances, or industrial grade raw materials are used to replace food grade raw materials, and some are even made of waste plastics. After such tableware meets acid, water and is heated in the microwave oven, heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are easy to dissolve in food. Long term intake will not only lead to gallstones and liver system diseases, but also endanger the human digestive tract, nervous system and hematopoietic system

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