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China Plastics index: long and short balanced index fluctuates slightly

10:00 on February 25 China Plastics price index:

kinds of power units T, kg, N Kn


rise and fall

China Plastics index


↓ 1.28

China Plastics warehouse receipt index


↑ 0.24

China Plastics spot index


in view of the fact that the production process of some natural graphite processing products (such as spherical graphite) has been grasped

.↑ 0.26

on Wednesday (February 24), the oil price rose by $1.14 to $80.00 per barrel. In this period, the highlight of the plastic warehouse receipt index indicates that the sample oscillates at a low opening and the mid market rises slightly. The spot market quotation is stable and there are few transactions. At 10:00, the China Plastics index closed at 1066.89, down 1.28 points from the previous trading day

at the opening of the market this morning, most of the warehouse receipts opened slightly higher, and the trend in the early stage was slightly chaotic. The main warehouse receipts below the linear warehouse receipts and PP warehouse receipts oscillated and extended. In the same period, the market turnover was reduced, the quantity and energy were scarce, and the order quantity was slightly reduced. The warehouse receipt index opened high and oscillated, showing a slight upward trend in the mid market, with an increase of about 0.50 points. The daily K line of the index closed at the T line, the short-term average continued to rise, and the J value of the KDJ index continued to fall. China Plastics warehouse receipt index 10 times 1017.75 points, up 0.24 points compared with the previous trading day

in the morning, the ex factory quotation of domestic petrochemicals was stable, basically unchanged from the previous trading day. In the spot market, the raw material market of Yuyao Plastic City quoted prices in the morning. The price of PP rose by yuan/ton, that of PE rose by 50 yuan/ton, that of ABS fell by 100 yuan/ton, and that of PS rose by 100 yuan/ton. The China Plastics spot index reached 1143.91 points in the 10 times, up 0.26 points from the previous trading day

although the China Plastics warehouse receipt index and the China Plastics spot index both rose, the sharp decline of Dalian plastics futures pressured the China plastics composite index to fall slightly

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