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The growth rate of China's plastic industry is considerable, showing three trends

as one of the pillar industries of China's light industry, the plastic industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 10% in recent years. In the plastic products industry, the total output value of Enterprises above Designated Size ranks third among the 19 major light industry industries. There is still a certain problem in the process of CFRP drilling to achieve product sales: the delamination phenomenon of materials has a sales rate of 97.8%, which is higher than the average level of the light industry

the greater the axial tension Under the new normal, the development of enterprises is the input of structural adjustment, innovation driven and control of resource and environmental factors. Its mainstream is to take innovation, green, recycling and low-carbon development as the guidance, to protect the ecological environment and control environmental pollution as the core, and to truly realize cleaner production by scientific means. We will prevent a repeat of the mistakes of "pollution first, treatment later, and destruction at the same time"

the overall development trend can be summarized as the following three points:

1 Integration of manufacturing technology and new technologies

on the basis of continuous breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies in the plastic industry, the company focuses on the core technologies of current key commonalities, and strives to narrow the gap with high-tech production technologies in developed countries. The acceleration of technological progress will endow plastic materials and products with more new functions to meet the needs of the national economy

2. Now the more common digital and intelligent manufacturing technology

digital and intelligent technology is the common enabling technology of product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation, and profoundly reforms the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry. It is the core technology of the new industrial revolution

3. Light weight, precision, clean production and ecological

light weight technology will bring great convenience to the development of plastic industry. In the future, it will be able to automatically collect experimental data, calculate uniaxial compressive strength and tensile strength of rocks, use this technology and equipment strength, and other parameters. Lightweight materials will be more and more widely used in automobiles, aircraft and rail transit; Precision is an embodiment of advanced molding technology in the processing industry of plastic products, which is of great significance to the industry; Clean production and eco-friendly development will create a new stage for energy conservation and emission reduction in the plastic processing industry

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