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Yuyao plastic industry: hundreds of billions of "big" businesses have grown from the "small" market

from general plastics for plastic bags and washbasins to engineering plastics for automobile and electrical accessories. In recent years, the "plastic" small industry has staged a great revolution in transformation and upgrading, bid farewell to the brutal growth of "low, small and scattered" and ushered in a new era of development. On November 8, 2017 China (Yuyao) International Plastics Expo and the 19th China Plastics Expo opened in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. The world's leading new products and technologies related to plastics industry gathered together, transmitting the signal of the deep transformation of the plastics industry

at the site of China Plastics Expo, it was noted that the plastic incarnation showed the "plasticity" of its body to the public as a variety of products - a very ordinary looking plastic sheet that was burned for 10 seconds without any damage; The square plastic shell looks very thin, but it can't be broken when falling on the ground...

"we are mainly targeting the medium and high-end market, mainly producing products in the field of engineering plastics." Zhangdianhai, general manager of Nanjing Delong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd., was impressed by the rapid development and great changes of the plastic industry in recent years after more than 20 years of "trial and error" in the plastic industry where each material has its corresponding advantages and disadvantages

Zhang dianhai explained that from the introduction of American raw materials to independent R & D and production, the company has experienced a "painful period". "At present, the core of the competition in the plastic industry is science and technology. We are strengthening research and development to occupy a place in the plastic industry in the future."

the development path of Nanjing Delong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is a microcosm of the current development of the plastic industry. The traditional plastic industry, which has experienced the profit model of reducing fixed costs, is gradually moving towards a new stage of industry development driven by independent innovation and integrated innovation

take Yuyao as an example. In Yuyao, the famous "Kingdom of plastics" in China, there is the largest specialized plastic market in China - China Plastics City. There are also a number of well-known enterprises such as Zhejiang Dafeng industry and Zhejiang sunny group. Through decades of development, Yuyao plastic industry has grown hundreds of billions of "big" businesses from the once quiet "small" market

according to liguanding, vice mayor of Ningbo, Yuyao's plastic industry has become a powerful engine to drive the overall development of Ningbo and even the whole country's plastic industry, and a powerful factor to help the construction of Ningbo's "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city. "Innovation and change are the theme of the development of the times and the key to the transformation of the plastic industry." He hoped that Yuyao would take the opportunity of reporting the plastic Expo to inject innovation power into regional development and let the spirit of change lead the industrial transformation

there is no doubt that there are many things that need to be done. The National Plastics Expo is a beautiful business card that Yuyao is proud of. It holds up a major industry, enriches people and beautifies a city. After years of sedimentation, baptism, tempering and innovation, it has become one of the largest and highest standard economic and trade events in the National Plastics and related industries

Xi Ming, Secretary of Yuyao municipal Party committee, said that an influential exhibition must be one that closely follows the pace of the times, conforms to the needs of the industry and has economic and trade effects

for this reason, in recent years, Yuyao has taken the initiative to integrate into the Internet and intelligent manufacturing to worry about and strengthen the plastic industry. In 2016, the settlement amount of the "Yongyi payment" platform exceeded 120billion yuan. The first industrial o2o center in Zhejiang Province -- (Yuyao) China Huicong home appliance city is about to be fully completed

it is reported that this year's exhibition has an exhibition area of 42000 square meters and 2000 booths. The loading speed is too fast or too slow. There are three exhibition areas: plastic raw materials exhibition area, plastic machine tools and molds exhibition area, and plastic machinery exhibition area. Two main activities and two supporting activities are arranged

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