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With the development of the times, more and more black technologies are changing people's lives, and VR technology is undoubtedly the most outstanding one. Now we can make drastic changes in the decoration design industry with this technology. So, what unprecedented impact will VR bring to the designer community? Today, follow our steps to uncover the mystery

 & emsp; New interface, new pleasure

&emsp& emsp; It is understood that as early as the beginning of this year, many interior designers have begun to use a newly released VR home decoration design application &mdash& mdash; Room box to create their own new world of space design. The fundamental change of room box to design lies in the VR visualization of the whole design process. The emergence of TA is like a magic pen to Ma Liang, which injects new vitality into the creation of designers

 & emsp; Recently, the room box has completed all the preparations for the launch of the new version, and this upgrade once again brightened the eyes of many interior designers. In the new version of the room box, we can see the most obvious change compared with the previous version on its interface &mdash& mdash;

 & emsp; The label interface design is adopted to help new users get started faster with low-key and concise layout and humanized operation logic. The new version of the interface can be quickly converted in 2D, 3D, VR and other different scenes at will. After quickly completing a set of solutions, designers can directly enter the virtual reality world with customers and feel the real, sensible and interactive charm of home decoration. VR can help you show idea, which originally hesitates with customers and cannot be explained clearly. Customer communication is smoother and scheme modification is more flexible

 & emsp; New functions, new transcendence

&emsp& emsp; In the 21st century, we have entered the era of content hand in hand. As the creator of content, designers often feel that they have nothing to do, “ Although we often think that designers are wayward and open-minded artists, in reality, we often have to face the incomprehension of customers and feel tied up when working& rdquo; Karl, an interior designer who works alone in first tier cities, said

 & emsp; This new edition of the room box once again provides interior designers with a new artifact of the design content, making the real good art even stronger. As the first creation of room box, VR model editor received hot discussion from all walks of life as soon as it was launched. The launch of this function provides a new tool for all designers and building materials and home furnishing manufacturers to upload and edit models independently. There is no need to transfer and convert between third-party software, that is, transfer, change and use. Parameters in all aspects, such as color, material, metallicity and gloss, can be adjusted at will, so as to show the best side of design works

 & emsp; In addition, the room box has also made a great breakthrough in the wall and ground paving solutions. The realization of the function of parquet has brought designers up to dozens of paving styles. The single brick paving method includes continuous straight paving, I-shaped paving, 369 paving, whirlwind paving, herringbone paving, etc. it can also use the color spelling of double bricks and multi bricks, together with wave lines, to meet the personalized needs of customers with a more realistic decoration scheme, which naturally brings higher satisfaction to the design scheme, and the personal brand construction of designers is not a problem

 & emsp; To sum up, it is not difficult for us to find that the new VR design software of room box has brought disruptive changes to the work of designers, as Huang Xiaopan, CEO of room box, said: “ Designers are a creative group. They deserve a better life and better products, which is also the direction of our efforts& rdquo; Whenever a new technology appears, we should not only marvel at the cool of TA, but also keep a keen eye on the market. Only by combining with the real industry, can technology burst out the real energy behind it. This is a problem worth thinking about by every entrepreneur, and it is also what fangboxi is doing





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