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From July 8 to 11, 2018, the 20th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo opened at the poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou. In this exhibition, angel doors and windows with new series products such as "scenery", "Tower of London", "Windsor Castle" appeared at the Expo, presenting product advantages, core technologies, brands and comprehensive strength in all aspects

booth No. of Ingres doors and windows: No. 06, hall 15.2, Zone C

Ingres doors and windows has been the brand precipitation for 15 years, always seeking change and breakthrough, and never stopping. Keep improving in product quality and design

Ingres door and window series products integrate the spirit of ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing, always Polish every product carefully and patiently, and are committed to providing every customer with more energy-saving, more comfortable, more humanized and more intelligent system door and window solutions. While adapting to the market, they gradually guide the market through continuous testing and verifying the feasibility of products, and apply suitable products to suitable projects, Open a new era of system doors and windows

Ingres door and window series products realize a variety of opening methods, such as internal opening, external opening, push-pull, folding, etc., to meet the wide range of needs from ordinary indoor partitions to the highest level of energy-saving standards. This exhibition is not limited to swing doors, double swing windows, swing doors, folding doors, sunshine rooms and other products. Each product is carefully developed according to different functions, designed, manufactured and installed according to strict procedures, with a collection of high-performance doors and windows. Each profile component and hardware and plastic parts should be standardized and generalized as much as possible, Systematic door and window solutions can effectively ensure the building performance to meet people's different needs. I believe it is a new experience you can't miss

during the exhibition, we will launch a series of preferential policies for investment invitation and joining. Angel doors and windows is willing to work with all franchisees to create a better future




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