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Drugstore shelf preservation method - fushengda drugstore shelf price discount

drugstore shelf preservation method - fushengda drugstore shelf price discount

no matter what is well maintained, the longer it is used. Many supermarket shelves and drugstore shelves will choose regular maintenance, so how to maintain drugstore shelves

1. Dampproof: there are many methods of dampproof. If there is a large amount, it can be stored in a sealed box; If the quantity is small and general, it can be stored in the refrigerator; But if it is more precious, it can be sealed in a sealed bag or wrapped in moisture-proof paper

2. The number of movements should be reduced. After taking it out, it should be sealed immediately to reduce the air flow around as much as possible. If mildew is found, the mycelium should be removed first. Usually wipe with soft brush or rag dipped with boiling water, and those that can be dipped with water can also be washed directly with water. Those that are inconvenient to be brushed can be mixed with rice bran and bumped to remove mycelium, and then treated in the same way as dehumidification, but the time should be extended to effectively eliminate surface spores; Fushengda shelf manufacturers have supermarket convenience store shelves, drugstore shelves, cosmetics store shelves, mother and baby store shelves, as well as various exhibition shelves, cash registers, etc., and can design and make shelves and exhibition shelves of various styles or special specifications according to customers' different needs. Welcome to consult

3. Prevent moths. The key of insect prevention is the treatment before preservation. High temperature or low temperature is a very effective method

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