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The most common type of door and window opening in life is the casement window, especially in the construction of sunshine houses. Casement windows are also widely used in sunshine houses, so why are we so keen on casement windows? You may not have thought about it, but you will know after reading the following. Why does the balcony sunshine room plan to choose casement windows

in depth analysis: why does the balcony sunshine room plan to choose casement windows

I. what is a casement window

casement window is a kind of door and window that can open outwards and inwards by installing hinges on the side of doors and windows. It is widely used in medium and high-grade buildings such as office buildings, high-grade residences, commercial and residential buildings, villas and so on

second, what are the characteristics of casement windows

1. Ventilation. Another way to open the casement window is to pour it inward, which can not only adhere to the natural circulation of air, but also effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room. The ventilation is very good. (relevant introduction: ventilation of sunshine room)

2. Convenience. The operation of casement window is simple. The window sash can be changed indoor and outdoor at will, and the time of window cleaning is also very convenient

3. Safety. Many accessories that can be operated indoors are set around the casement window. When it is closed, its surroundings are fixed on the window frame, and its safety and anti-theft are very good

4. Usefulness. When opening the window inside, it will not occupy the indoor space, and will not affect the hanging window cloth and the lifting and lowering clothes hanging rod of the device

5. Sealing and thermal insulation. There are many locks around the window sash, thus ensuring the thermal insulation and sealing effect of doors and windows. (relevant introduction: Sunshine Room insulation)

depth analysis: why does the balcony sunshine room plan to choose casement windows

in fact, the casement window is not without defects. It is open, which will restrict the activity area. If there are members with poor activity ability such as the elderly and children at home, it is advocated to choose carefully. (related introductions: Children's sunshine room)

in conclusion, the planning of sunshine room is very important. Sunshine room is a project more complex than doors and windows. It is an advanced construction integrating usefulness and beauty. Professionals and installation forces are inseparable from planning, production and installation. When selecting sunshine room for construction, we must not blindly study the price, from planning, technology, material selection, even to installation, These induction processes have certain requirements

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