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ERP makes the management of Shifeng group achieve a qualitative leap

large enterprise group with diversified management

Shifeng group is a large enterprise group with agricultural vehicles as its main business and diversified management. Shifeng group has six subsidiaries, mainly engaged in wine industry, hotels, commerce, coatings and oil. Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd., the parent company, has ten production plants, an industrial park and a central research institute. It is the research base of the economic research center of the Central Party school and the teaching and research base of Shandong universal special engineering plastics. The use temperature is mostly about 180 ℃. It has the only postdoctoral scientific research workstation in the national agricultural vehicle industry, and has the import and export self-supporting right of foreign trade

the leading products of Shifeng group are three wheeled agricultural vehicles, four wheeled agricultural vehicles, tractors and engines. At present, it has an annual production capacity of 1million three wheeled agricultural vehicles, 200000 four wheeled agricultural vehicles, 1million engines, 200000 tractors and 5000 tons of Baijiu. The production and sales volume of tricycles has achieved "four consecutive championships" in the same industry in China, and the production and sales volume of four-wheel vehicles ranks first. The economic benefits have achieved "six consecutive championships" in all enterprises in the city, machinery systems in the province, and the same industry in the country. In 2000, the group's sales revenue was 3.53 billion yuan; In 2001, the group's sales revenue was 5.05 billion yuan and profits and taxes 445 million yuan

backward management mode has become a bottleneck

with the gradual expansion of the company's scale, the enterprise efficiency of Shifeng group has become higher and higher in the same industry. However, the enterprise information construction has been relatively backward, and most management departments are still in the stage of manual management. Before 2000, the group company had only a few microcomputers, only doing some simple statements and documents. Few people can master computers skillfully, and they are even more unfamiliar with ERP management ideas and methods. The enterprise informatization level of Shifeng group is not commensurate with the development level of the enterprise. With the increasingly fierce market competition, it is gradually recognized that this backward management model has become the "bottleneck" for enterprises to further improve efficiency. Today, with the development of the current trend, it is impossible to control the market only by relying on the entrepreneurial spirit of the current trend people. It is imperative to introduce advanced management software and models. In 1999, the company decided to establish an enterprise integrated information system and introduce ERP

Shifeng group urgently needs to establish a perfect management information network through the implementation of ERP system. Reasonably allocate the internal and external resources of the enterprise, and form a product manufacturing system and a product sales service system that respond quickly to market demand. Realize the integration of information of various management departments, and implement the integrated management of internal and external logistics, capital flow and information flow. Optimize the allocation of enterprise resources, reasonably organize production, and meet the needs of the market to the greatest extent; Strengthen logistics management, reduce the occupation of inventory funds, reduce material consumption, and reduce production costs; Grasp the changes of market demand in time, establish a complete sales network system, and improve the market share of products. Relying on the means of enterprise informatization, comprehensively improve the management level of the enterprise, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, make the enterprise develop steadily in the fierce market competition, and maintain the first position of Shifeng group in the domestic agricultural vehicle industry

implement ERP system

at the end of 1999, Shifeng group organized special management and technical personnel to conduct serious investigation and Research on domestic ERP products and markets. The software suppliers are investigated and analyzed in detail from the aspects of the technical progressiveness, function and expansibility of the software, the degree of meeting the needs of enterprises, after-sales service and technical support, the reputation and stability of manufacturers, and product prices, especially the successful cases of the implementation of software products in enterprises. Finally, Shifeng chose the products of Beijing Hejia company

in February 2000, Shifeng signed the first phase ERP project implementation agreement with Beijing Hejia company, including control system, inventory management, sales management, accounts receivable management, cost management and other modules; After the completion of the first phase project, we signed the second phase project implementation agreement with Hejia company, including material accounting, product management, process management, master production plan, material demand plan, workshop operation management and other modules. After a year and a half, the project was completed in October, 2001. It has realized the product manufacturing system and product sales service system of Shifeng group

the enterprise has achieved good economic benefits

after one and a half years of efforts, the implementation of Shifeng ERP project has been completed. The application of ERP system has comprehensively promoted the technological innovation and management innovation of the group, improved the innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, and improved the overall quality of the enterprise. In 2001, when the ERP project was completed, the enterprise achieved good economic benefits

1. Direct economic benefits

1) 801000 agricultural vehicles were produced in 2001, an increase of 35% over the previous year; 708000 engines, an increase of 105% over the previous year, and 79200 tractors

2) the sales revenue in 2001 was 5.05 billion yuan, an increase of 40% over the previous year; Profits and taxes were 445million yuan, of which the net profit increased by 50% over the previous year

3) due to the strengthened sales management, the finished products have basically achieved zero inventory, and the material inventory is controlled within the planned amount. The turnover of enterprise funds has accelerated. In 2001, the capital turnover rate increased from 6.3 to 11.7

4) ERP makes the warehouse management more detailed and reduces material losses and inventory errors. According to rough statistics, 30million yuan was saved in 2001

2. Indirect economic benefits

1) market response ability has been improved: through the implementation of the distribution management system, contract management, order management, logistics management and customer relationship management have been fully realized. Managers and salespeople at all levels of the group can grasp market information in real time, comprehensively and accurately, and quickly respond to market demand. Enterprise marketing has formed a market-oriented operation mechanism based on networking and informatization

2) strengthened the internal management of the enterprise: through the implementation and application of ERP system, Shifeng group realized the unification of logistics, capital flow and information flow. Especially through the application of ERP, the enterprise basic data has realized timely, accurate and standardized management, providing a strong guarantee for enterprise management innovation

3) all workshops master their own production tasks in time, the production efficiency is significantly improved, and the production cycle is significantly shortened

4) with the application of Internet technology and ERP management software, the service ability of Shifeng group to customers is greatly enhanced, and the user's requirements and feedback information can be responded to in the shortest time and effectively solved

5) the sustainable development ability of enterprises has been improved. Through the application of ERP system, the data sharing and information integration of the group have been realized, and a group of technical teams capable of mastering ERP application and maintenance have been trained for Shifeng group

a qualitative leap in the management level of Shifeng group

1 The need for enterprise survival and development is the driving force for the implementation of ERP

ERP in enterprises is not fashionable, but the need for enterprise survival and development. After joining the WTO, our enterprises are facing international competition. In order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition and continue to grow, the courage to break into the market in the past alone is no longer enough. We must have the strength and means to compete with foreign enterprises. Without the means of informatization, enterprises will be eliminated in the era of networked economy. The production and operation scale of Shifeng is getting larger and larger. There is no means of informatization, and the management is stretched. To become bigger and stronger, Shifeng needs ERP to strengthen the muscles and bones of the enterprise

2. Enterprise innovation is the guarantee for the success of ERP

enterprise informatization is a weak link and a new topic for the solution of current trends supplemented by special plastic parts, special lubrication products and technical services. To do well in ERP, we must have the spirit of innovation. The current trend has developed from a local small enterprise into a pacesetter in the agricultural vehicle industry and a large enterprise group. Due to the rapid expansion of enterprises, there are still many deficiencies in management. It is through the implementation of ERP that we should absorb the advanced management ideas and methods of ERP, standardize the management behavior of enterprises, and form an advanced management mode suitable for the current production and operation mode. And use ERP software to solidify this mode. This requires us to use the spirit of innovation to boldly reform the business processes and working methods that do not adapt to the advanced management mode in the enterprise. If we blindly accommodate the old management habits, ERP system will not succeed

p is the number one project

erp is the "number one project" of enterprise management. The implementation of ERP involves all aspects of enterprise management, and will encounter business process, organizational restructuring, etc., which is bound to have many difficulties and resistance. Without the soberness and firmness of the top leaders and management team, it is definitely not good

4. Strengthening training, transforming management concepts, and improving the quality of all staff

enterprise informatization is a new field for the current trend, and training is more important. Training is not only skills and methods, but also the transformation of management concepts. In the whole process of ERP implementation, we always put the training of all employees in an important position. We divide the training into three levels: enterprise leaders mainly focus on ERP management ideas and concepts; The implementation team mainly focuses on the implementation methods and maintenance means of ERP; Ordinary employees focus on the training of operation skills. We invited the implementation experts of Hejia company to carry out various forms of training by means of symposiums, implementation seminars, lectures and so on. There is an upsurge of learning ERP in Shifeng group

5. Strengthening the collation and standardization of basic data

the accuracy and standardization of data is the basis for the reliable operation of information management system. Due to the weak informatization foundation of the current trend, the task of standardizing and sorting out enterprise management data is particularly arduous. Under the guidance of Hejia technicians, we have formulated the specifications of various basic data according to the requirements of ERP system, classified the basic data and various initialization data according to the management functions of departments, and included them in the assessment contents of each department. Special personnel are designated to collect, input and proofread each type of data. Ensure that the brand awareness required by the system is further expanded, and all kinds of data are entered into the system on time, according to quality and quantity. At the same time, combined with the business process of ERP, we have formulated the operation specifications of each post to ensure the standardization and reliability of the data entered into the system from the management system

the enterprise informatization construction of Shifeng group has achieved a zero breakthrough from scratch, and the management level of the enterprise has made a qualitative leap. Shifeng people have a deep understanding of the implementation of ERP: each load can only reach a certain load experience. (end)

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