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in the past 20 years, from "China sees the world" to "the world sees China", the world has focused on China, and multinational companies are rushing into China. On the sacred and ancient land of China, an Oriental Dragon glows with youth, and the Chinese people are building a great motherland with their wisdom. Taking advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, especially after China's accession to the WTO, China has become one of the world's largest production bases, export processing bases and distribution bases, and has rapidly become the most active economic development center of the global economy. China has an extremely large market, rich natural resources and labor resources. It is precisely because China has so many excellent conditions for economic development, and the industries of developed countries need adjustment. Countries in the Asia Pacific region and the Pacific Rim region are taking advantage of this opportunity to quickly become the global manufacturing center. China is flying forward on this "high-speed train" and leading a new round of global economic development with its irreplaceable "locomotive" status. Many manufacturing giants are rushing to the Chinese market. On the one hand, our products can go abroad with high sounding. In the international market, we can easily find products with the words "make in China". On the other hand, with the influx of foreign capital, it has brought great impact and changes to China's economy, life, culture and many other aspects. A number of large multinational enterprises have taken root in China

although there are extremely severe challenges, it also means that we have encountered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "If it doesn't come again, the opportunity can't be lost". In the face of the entire economy, the Jinan experimental machine factory specializes in producing ring stiffness testing machines and well cover pressure testing machines assembled by yaws (6) 00, yaws (1) 000 and yaws (1) 500. These are accessories that have been put into the market after we developed several types of equipment, How should Chinese enterprises grasp this historical opportunity in time and seize the opportunity of the development of the times? The first task is to pay close attention to and strengthen the internal management of the company, take the market as the guide, push through the old and bring forth the new, and actively participate in international competition. As for paying close attention to and strengthening the internal management of the company, it is the first to carry out the internal information construction of the enterprise. The subject of information construction has deeply penetrated into the hearts and lungs of Chinese entrepreneurs. The trumpet sounded, and under the guidance of "promoting industrialization with informatization" put forward at the 16th CPC National Congress, the informatization construction was pushed to a new level and to a new height. The construction of information, such as steel and plastics, was thus carried out in a magnificent manner and pushed forward with its galloping posture

for a long time, China's manufacturing enterprises have many characteristics, such as low labor productivity, mainly manual workshop production, single production process, backward production level, and "front store and back factory" in circulation. At the same time, the most fatal is the internal management chaos, especially in the management of raw materials. Fortunately, Chinese entrepreneurs are aware that in order to change this backward situation and remain invincible in the fierce competition, they must reform the original backward management mode, absorb foreign advanced management ideas, and take advantage of advanced modern computer technology to find a road suitable for their own development

the waves wash away the sand and show their heroic qualities. Suda software company has grown based on this environment. As a Chinese member of the QuickBooks family, adhering to the consistent principle of the international famous brand "excellence and continuous innovation", it has developed a batch of specialization "with outstanding main business, strong competitiveness, good growth and focus on market segments"; Little great man rdquo; The enterprise draws lessons from international advanced management experience and software manufacturing technology, in the spirit of "people-oriented Respect customers "In the context of China's accession to the WTO and global economic integration, Suda s-erp, a management software that is fully applicable to the manufacturing industry, has been launched. Suda s-erp complies with the requirements of international competition in many domestic manufacturing industries. Based on the management process of manufacturing enterprises, and based on the advanced management concept of MRP Ⅱ, through repeated discussion and research and development by market researchers and technical developers, Suda software has been integrated into the system as a whole A new breakthrough has been achieved in terms of functions. The system is completely designed for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, in line with the usual business processing process, and can meet the business needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises. The system introduces the concepts of MPs, MRP, BOM, etc., and provides processing modules such as preparing bill of materials, factory calendar, formulating master production plan, purchasing suggestion, production suggestion, production processing order, picking, returning, product warehousing, cost calculation, etc., and helps you deal with daily business through a visual and navigational interface, which is simple to use and practical. At the same time, it seamlessly connects production, purchase, sale and inventory finance, implements the whole process integrated management, and helps the domestic manufacturing industry quickly step into the track of international competition with its powerful data center information analysis and decision support function

Suda manufacturing industry solutions integrate modern logistics management, CRM, MRP, MPs and other advanced management ideas and practical experience of Chinese enterprise management, and fully meet the application needs of information management of various types of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. It can not only meet the needs of manufacturing enterprises for their business control, but also support enterprises to realize their business strategies and provide decision-making basis for enterprises. The system can fully meet the production management needs of general small-scale, simple processing manufacturing enterprises. It plays a positive role in helping enterprises minimize inventory, reasonably allocate resources, reduce capital occupation, shorten production cycle, reduce production costs, and comprehensively improve the economic benefits and market competitiveness of enterprises

Suda manufacturing industry solutions realize the whole process of logistics management for enterprises, integrate foreign advanced CRM management mode, and help enterprises improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Take the lead in realizing the price tracking function in small and medium-sized enterprises, so that enterprises can pay close attention to the latest market price of goods, classify customers, and effectively control customers' credit limit. In modern enterprise management, many attempts have been made to effectively control the inventory of the warehouse. If there is too much inventory in the warehouse, it will slow down the liquidity of funds and increase the pressure of inventory. In order to solve and change this inventory management contradiction, Suda s-erp allows zero stock out, and timely and dynamically monitors the warehouse inventory through multiple inventory alarm tables and commodity location tables, It effectively reduces the inventory cost of enterprises. On the basis of logistics management, Suda s-erp also established the financial accounting of purchase, sale, inventory, finance and production integration

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