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ERP will grow rapidly in China's power market

compared with other industries, the power industry has some characteristics that are more suitable for the implementation of ERP system. It is estimated that in three to five years, the level of information technology application in the power industry may be comparable to that in the telecommunications industry

in recent years, the reform of the power industry has pushed power enterprises to the market, and the construction of ERP system in the power industry has become a hot spot in the information construction of the power industry. Due to the particularity of the power industry, ERP system will have a good development prospect in the power industry

first of all, compared with industries with a deep foundation of information technology applications such as finance or telecommunications, the historical burden of the power industry is relatively small. When electric power enterprises implement ERP system, there are not too many technical or system obstacles and burdens, and there is no need to consider the compatibility of the original equipment or system. Instead, they can directly design the ERP system as a whole with an open architecture

secondly, in the previous era of planned economy, the power industry has always been the basic industry of the national economy. The power industry mainly provides services for the society and pays little attention to economic benefits. As a result, power enterprises seldom carry out input-output economic accounting. With the deepening of market-oriented reform, power enterprises have begun to change to the direction of commercialization. The leaders of power enterprises have begun to consider how to follow the rules of the market to serve customers, improve customer satisfaction and compete with other enterprises. The formation of this market concept has greatly promoted the construction and popularization of ERP system in the power industry

in addition, the power industry is a technology intensive industry. The members of power enterprises in China are still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Many workers are from technical backgrounds, and they often deal with power equipment. These employees will certainly have an open attitude towards ERP system

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therefore, the development of ERP system in China's power market will have a bright future. It can be predicted that in three to five years, the level of information technology application in the power industry may be equal to that in the telecommunications industry

however, there is still much work to be done in the power industry to successfully build ERP systems. Among them, model selection is a key work

first of all, the selection should consider the specific needs of the enterprise, implementation conditions, management foundation, personnel quality, investment ability and other factors, proceed from reality, act according to your ability, and do not pursue greatness and perfection. Enterprises must do a good job in the early stage according to their own conditions, such as the determination and quantification of needs, the sorting of business processes, etc

secondly, the overall planning should be comprehensive, taking into account the demand changes and technological development after three to five years, but the specific implementation should be carried out step by step, first easy, then difficult. Users should generally consider brand, industry background, cases, system functions, price, implementation team, after-sales service and other factors when choosing ERP products and manufacturers

in addition, good consultation and supervision are the guarantee for the successful construction of ERP system in the power industry

in the past two years, in the selection and implementation of ERP system in power enterprises, management consulting and supervision have played an important role in reducing project risks and ensuring the successful implementation of the system, which has attracted more and more attention of power enterprises

to build a good ERP system, we need high-level management consulting and implementation services, which has become the consensus of the industry. Different industries have different industry characteristics and management modes. Even if ERP manufacturers have strong implementation ability, it is difficult to give consideration to all industries. Therefore, the construction of ERP system in power enterprises needs the participation of professional IT consulting companies familiar with the power industry

in addition, ERP projects have the characteristics of wide coverage, great difficulty and long cycle. Many projects have problems in varying degrees, such as project delay, failure to meet the expected technical requirements, considering the factors such as simple peripheral circuits, good reliability, low power requirements and economy, etc. In order to achieve the expected goal of system construction, It is necessary for enterprises to introduce project supervision system "Under the policy of 'one belt and one road', the self financing, self construction and self-management methods of previous projects are replaced by socialized, scientific and professional management methods to avoid the phenomenon of unclear goals and unscientific methods.

nowadays, the power industry has been at the forefront of all industries in information consulting and supervision. Power giants such as state grid, southern power and the five major power generation groups have paid attention to the consulting and supervision of information construction 。

it can be said that with these guarantees, coupled with the advantages of building ERP system in the power industry itself, ERP system will be rapidly promoted in the power industry

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