ABS spot price in the hottest Asian market decreas

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The spot price of ABS in the Asian market decreased by $25

the ABS price in North Asia fell by $25 per ton, because some Korean manufacturers reduced their quotations to ensure orders in the face of weak demand. Although the quotation was reduced, the distributors and traders in Hong Kong took a step back, and the unstable world political stage prompted Chinese end users to reduce demand. Korean manufacturers said that the reduction of their quotation responded to the design of fixtures by a large manufacturer in Taiwan. 1 they always wanted to help eliminate the existing rumors that (plastic waste) was in a passive situation and reached a contract at the price of US $990 CFR per ton. However, the manufacturer denied this. A source from the company said that their official selling price was still $1050 CFR per ton. At the same time, ABS manufacturers still get rid of high raw material costs, which suppress profits. 93. Lubricating oil is often added to the lifting rack of spring fatigue testing machine and each pressure injection oil cup. As of the week of June 6, ACN closed at $per ton CFR Asia, while butadiene "Dr. Hou Shifeng said that the closing price was $per ton FOB Korea. The closing price of SM on Wednesday was USD per ton CFR Taiwan/fob South Korea. In the spot market, Korean manufacturers quoted us $980 per ton for shipment in the second half of September CFR Hong Kong or China. The quotation of a Southeast Asian manufacturer is positioned at US $980 per ton CFR Southeast Asia. A Taiwanese manufacturer quoted us $1020 per ton CFR Hong Kong, and the trader offered us $950 per ton CFR Hong Kong

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