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ERP was successfully launched, and iResearch standardized management went to a higher level.

the implementation of saperp of iResearch technology began in mid August 2005. After nearly four months, the first phase of the project was officially launched in December 2005, marking a solid step towards modern management. The scope of saperp project includes seven modules: financial management, cost control, production management, material management, sales management, quality management and project management. It integrates and integrates our company's requirements for information management in a standardized and modular manner, and then absorbs our company's unique management mode into the software system, thus forming a "best business practice" with business process management as the core. The official launch of this system not only accelerates the order processing time, shortens the order cycle, but also improves production efficiency and capital turnover. It is in an exploratory stage

practicing internal skills is an important hand for enterprises to enhance competitiveness. How to choose the appropriate hydraulic universal material testing machine section. The implementation of this ERP project has enabled irez to see the bright prospects and great benefits that will be brought to the company after the completion of the whole project. Through the implementation of the linear improvement of waterproof performance in this ERP solution, irez technology will definitely get a strong impetus from this world's most successful business suite. "

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