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The escaped prisoner fell within 50 hours: the drone sent out the public alarm to lock the position

according to the voice of China, two criminals escaped from the third prison in Lingyuan, Liaoning Province. After the incident, the Ministry of public security and the Liaoning and Hebei provincial Party committees and governments attached great importance to it, and organized the public security organs, armed police forces and judicial police forces in Liaoning and Hebei provinces, cities and counties to pursue it with all their might. Yesterday afternoon (6th), Wang Lei and Zhang Guilin, two escapees, were arrested. How did the police of the two places catch the fugitive within 50 hours

Liaoning Lingyuan No. 3 prison issued a notice of assistance in the investigation. Lingyuan No. 3 prison

the police in Liaoning and Hebei made every effort to arrest the two escapees. There was a gap of more than 10 minutes between them.

at about 13:00 yesterday (6th), the public security police successively arrested the escapees Wang Lei and Zhang Guilin in shaoguozhangzi village, taitoushan Town, Pingquan City, Hebei Province. Lishujun, publicity director of Liaoning Lingyuan prison administration branch, told voice of China: "Wang Lei was caught first, about 1:20, and then (Zhang Guilin) was caught more than ten minutes apart. They were almost caught together."

on October 4, the Public Security Bureau of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province announced that two felons escaped from Lingyuan No. 3 prison. It is understood that one of the two people who escaped this time was sentenced to life imprisonment and the other was just reduced to life imprisonment at the end of last year. Since then, Lingyuan No. 3 prison has issued a notice of assistance in the investigation

deputy mayor of Pingquan city and director of the Public Security Bureau: the first clue to lock the fugitives to buy things is provided by the people

since the morning of October 4, the public security organs, armed police forces and judicial police forces in Liaoning and Hebei provinces, cities and counties have made every effort to hunt them down

a notice issued by Pingquan, Hebei Province, said that on the afternoon of October 4, after receiving the notification of the investigation, Pingquan, Hebei Province, dispatched all police forces to fully assist the Liaoning police in opening the implanted human body, which did not cause continuous inflammatory or toxic reactions; Exhibition and arrest work

vice mayor of Pingquan In an interview with voice of China, Zhang Jingnan, director of the Security Bureau, said that lilo and KALLO, the two major production plants in tiweipu, are important production bases for high-performance plastic raw materials of LANXESS: "This time, the police of Liaoning and Hebei cooperated well to ensure that these two fugitives with great social hidden dangers could be arrested and brought to justice in less than 50 hours. We went deep into every village and family to carry out publicity and launch, and told people how to prevent, what is the situation? How to report suspicious situations? People actively provided clues and quickly provided a favorable condition for the first circle The foothold of shopping for fugitives is provided by the common people. "

the effective delimitation of the containment circle is very critical

director Zhang Jingnan told voice of China that in the process of arrest, if the limited police force is sprinkled like "pepper", it is difficult to effectively implement the control, The effective delimitation of the sealing ring is very critical: "On the 4th, we got the exact news. He came out to buy things, and we quickly demarcated a circle of several square kilometers. In this circle, we quickly mobilized the police force to seal up the circle in the shortest time. Practice has proved that we launched an investigation and search that night. Although we didn't catch him, we startled him, and he didn't dare to flee too much. The next day, we judged according to time, with the smallest Draw a circle. Our police can quickly encircle him, otherwise you can't encircle him if you draw too big. At present, after we have compressed to this point, we quickly sent dozens of capture teams, which were sent out in just 10 minutes or 20 minutes, giving us time to quickly launch an attack and get close to winning, and basically reducing the time for criminals to escape. "

At 8:20 a.m. on October 6, a crowd in lijiatun village, Sidaogou village, Sanjiazi Town, Lingyuan City, at the junction of Liaoning and Hebei Province, called the police and said that two criminals were found near the high-speed railway high-rise bridge where the villager group was located. The headquarters immediately mobilized police forces to conduct a comprehensive blockade. It is worth mentioning that the special police of Chengde Public Security Bureau found a suspected criminal near shaoguozhangzi village in taitoushan town through a large-scale UAV investigation. In order to delay the loss, the police of Chengde Municipal Bureau rushed to the place quickly, and reported the situation to the Liaoning police who were searching. The police of the two places focused on the search for the suspected location, and finally arrested the two people

an accident occurred in Zhongshan Road during the arrest, and two auxiliary policemen died on duty

in addition, it is a pity that on the morning of October 5, the Public Security Bureau of Pingquan City, Hebei Province, while organizing the public security police to carry out an emergency arrest mission in taitoushan Town, an official vehicle overturned out of control due to the bumping of the road surface, collided with the road tree on the right side of the road, causing vehicle damage and four auxiliary policemen on the vehicle were injured. Among them, two auxiliary policemen were seriously injured and died on duty, and the other two auxiliary policemen were sent to hospital for treatment. At present, Pingquan city is actively and safely dealing with the aftermath. The injured are in stable condition and are not in danger of life. Vice mayor of Pingquan Zhang Jingnan, director of the Public Security Bureau, introduced to voice of China: "These auxiliary policemen did not hesitate to participate in the arrest struggle when they received the order. When they received the order and said that a place needed to check the small supermarket snack bar, they rushed from the gathering point to this place. Because there was an accident on the mountain road, it was their selfless dedication that supported the victory of our whole arrest. I really thank them and feel sorry for our lost comrades in arms Sorry. "

: Li Xingjian, Guo Wei, Du Zhen, Li Ruixian

: Jiang Xiaochen, Zhang Mengyuan (Internship)

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