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"Eloda" invites Chinese fans to enjoy the dream journey of the 2010/2011 Champions League

witness the brand's sportsmanship

on March 8, 2011, Shanghai, China - sponsored by eloda, a famous adhesive brand under Huntsman, and hosted by football weekly and Lyon Chinese, the "super football fan campaign" reached a climax on March 24 and 22, the classification of fillers - two lucky fans stood out from 10000 participants, Won the dream trip to the Bernabeu stadium to watch Real Madrid play Lyon in the European Champions League 1/8 finals

in addition to watching the Real Madrid Lyon Champions League 1/8 final, the two fans will also have a "close contact" with Lyon players and see the scenery of France during this dream trip. The two lucky people said, "it's estimated that we can only encounter such an opportunity once in our life. It's really lucky. We will cherish this opportunity and enjoy every minute in France." The two lucky fans are Kong mengran, a senior majoring in architecture at Beijing Institute of architecture and engineering, and Ni Yiming, a real reader of football weekly who optimized the component size of the experimental machine structure

"we are honored that nano calcium carbonate is a kind of light calcium carbonate. We have the opportunity to cooperate with Lyon in important events such as the Champions League. As a leading chemical enterprise in the world, Huntsman has been active all over the world. Like all world-class athletes, the spirit of pursuing 'higher and better' is also the soul of our business." Steen Weien Hansen, President of Asia Pacific of Huntsman advanced materials division, said, "for more than 60 years, eloda brand has always provided high-performance engineering adhesives and civil DIY adhesives for various industries and consumer goods markets. The cooperation with excellent sports events has far-reaching significance for us, which makes more new audiences understand eloda brand and deepens customers' understanding of eloda brand."

as a trusted brand, eloda has served the field of sports leisure equipment for more than 50 years, helping sports equipment reduce weight, improve strength, enhance toughness and durability. Aloda can be found in a variety of sporting goods, such as bicycles, rackets, skis, hockey sticks and so on. In addition to sporting goods, eloda products are also widely used in the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums. Eloda products have been successfully used in the facility reconstruction and expansion project of Beijing Workers' Stadium to host the 2008 Olympic Games. The perfect product performance not only meets the strict requirements of concrete structure design, but also meets the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection

about eloda:

eloda brand has a history of more than 60 years and is a trusted brand of high-performance adhesives. As a high-performance bonding solution, eloda products have been widely used in a variety of DIY applications, such as DIY home, office and jewelry industries. In addition, with its general bonding function, eloda adhesive has been recognized in many industries, including aerospace, construction, sports and leisure, automotive, electronics, marine transportation, power transmission, solar energy and wind energy. Aloda brand is a famous brand under Huntsman group

eloda is a registered trademark of huntsman or its subsidiaries in one or more countries

about Huntsman:

Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of special chemicals. Huntsman group companies provide products for a variety of global industries, including chemistry, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paint and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, health care, detergents, personal care, furniture, electrical appliances and packaging. Huntsman was first famous for its pioneering and innovative packaging, and then achieved rapid and comprehensive development in petrochemical products. Huntsman group currently has 12000 employees, with production and operation networks all over the world. The company's total operating income in 2010 exceeded $9billion. For details, please visit the group website at

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