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Today's ABS production and sales dynamics of petrochemical enterprises

the quotation of CNPC East China ABS has been increased by 100 yuan/ton, the latest quotation of 0215a has been increased to 15000 yuan/ton, and the latest quotation of 301 has been increased to 15100 yuan/ton. In order to realize the production of caprolactam, the factory has few goods and low inventory

the quotation of CNPC North China ABS products is stable. The quotation of 0215a is 15000 yuan/ton (ex warehouse in Tianjin), and the quotation of 301 is 15000 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is normal

the ex factory price of CNPC South China ABS increased by 200 yuan/ton, the latest ex factory price of 0215a was 14800 yuan/ton, and the latest ex factory price of Lanhua 301w was 14500 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory was normal

the ABS unit of Daqing Petrochemical operates normally. The CIF price of 750A in East China is maintained at 15200 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower. Current inventory is normal

the ex factory quotation of Ningbo LG Yongxing ABS remains unchanged. The public quotation of 121h is 15400 yuan/ton, and the actual shipment price is slightly lower. Yesterday, the product sales were normal, and the overall inventory was general

Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS device is in normal production. Today, the D180 quotation is 15300 yuan/ton, which actually has a large batch discount. The manufacturer has average inventory and normal sales

the ex factory quotation of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS is stable, with the quotation of 15100 yuan/ton for 707k and 15400 yuan/ton for 757K. The manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the device is produced normally

Changzhou Xinhu ABS unit started normally, the ac800 quotation continued to stabilize at 15200 yuan/ton, the actual transaction price was slightly lower, and the inventory was normal

Ningbo Taihua a, one of which is through the cooperation with the University of Minnesota, the ex factory quotation of BS is stable, and the public quotation of 15a1 is stable at 15400 yuan/ton while giving full play to the function of bioplastics packaging materials. The manufacturer's inventory is general, and the device starts normally

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