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To ensure the safety of power supply, Guiyang Power Supply Bureau used mechanical vibration deicing device for the first time to carry out deicing drill

on December 29, a special deicing drill was held in guanshanhu District, Guiyang city. This is the first time that Guiyang Power Supply Bureau successfully used mechanical vibration deicing device for deicing drill, adding a sharp tool for Guiyang power to complete deicing operation more efficiently. The drill site is located near Guiyang North railway station. At noon, -3 ℃, the howling cold wind is mixed with cold rain. The 110 kV zhaojirui line of the drill site is covered with thin ice. The staff of Guiyang Power Supply Bureau came here. After everything was ready, Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, began to use the mechanical vibration deicing device to carry out the actual operation drill of deicing

the staff took out the deicing device, took out the deicing device body and the remote control receiver, screwed the remote control receiver on the deicing device body, and loaded five empty bullets in turn in the chamber corresponding to the number 1 to 5 of the remote control receiver; In addition, five ignition components are installed on the chamber with empty bullets, and then the heavy hammer tied with the throwing rope is thrown over the ground wire with a rope shooting device to remove the thick stack of plastic bags hanging on the stall of the farmers' market; Then, hang a heel pulley and a deicing device; Turn on the power supply of the remote control and select channel 1. The operating system of the four ball friction and wear tester simultaneously press and hold the two start buttons of the remote control until the indicator light is on and released, and then the empty bomb de icing can be launched. Finally, the device is recycled

"the mechanical vibration deicing device is used for the ground wire deicing operation of overhead transmission lines, which can quickly remove the icing on overhead lines with a thickness of less than 30 mm." Guiyang third case: at this time, the angle of the contact surface between the push plate and the toothed rod head should be changed. The contact surface of the universal testing machine is usually fixed on the surface of the push plate with a flat steel sheet through two upper and lower screws. The adjustment method is to loosen the two screws and pad the upper or lower side (only one side) between the steel sheet and the push plate with copper sheet or other light metal sheet, so as to change the angle, After repeated verification and adjustment, Luo Zhengshi, chief of the operation inspection section of the transmission Management Institute of the power supply bureau, said that the deicing device can complete the deicing operation of the high-altitude ground wire only on the ground, which greatly improves the safety of the deicing operation, with small volume, light weight, easy to carry, short deicing operation time, low cost, safety and efficiency, high reliability, and convenient maintenance. (Yang Zhijian)

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