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Escada improves the packaging technology of perfume bottle cap

Escada launched a new moon sparkle perfume, whose new cap is produced by RPC beaut. Both men's perfume and women's perfume use an ABS electroplated cover, die-cut steel shell and PP inner core. The design of women's style also includes an ABS plated collar and POM (acetal) inner core. RPC beaut said that it has recently invested nearly US $1million for most light materials, which is restricted by this factor. It has improved the factory in marolles, France (formerly the core beauty product packaging company of Crown Holdings), thus greatly reducing the production cost of covers. G rald Martines, general manager of RPC, said: even luxury brands now have extremely strict cost control. The company has designed a flexible full-automatic high-speed assembly line, which can assemble any perfume or cosmetics cover or seal, and can handle up to five different components. They also realize the automation of the loading/unloading area of the electroplating production line

m in the future, artines said: the style of cosmetic products and the specific product shapes that have been trial produced are simply rapidly changing and endless, even if they are limited to a specific category of products, such as perfume bottle caps. The product life cycle is very short, and the new product is almost impossible to duplicate the previous product. Because of this

, the product capacity is extremely uncertain and unpredictable. Therefore, it is much more complicated to realize automation in our industry than in other industries

according to the company, the amount of chemicals has been reduced, and no heavy metals will be released. In addition, no organic solvents are used in the production process, and there is no glazing or vacuum metal spraying, because this usually requires oxidation or consumption of steam, which will produce greenhouse gases

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