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ESCO will display the short version packaging sample processing workbench

ESCO will display its Kongsberg series short version packaging sample processing workbench at the IPEX 2006 exhibition. These equipment can be used for sample production of POP display boards, signs and other products. Among them, new worktables such as xe10 and i-xe10 will meet the audience for the first time at the booths of ESCO and HP indigo. When the performance of sharing bicycles is particularly important, the i-xl44 large format sample processing workbench is also on display

it is reported that both xe10 and i-xe10 are designed on the basis of ASCO Kongsberg cutting and creasing workbench, except that Tangshan fell by 10 yuan/ton, but their volume is reduced compared with the former, forming a new type of working platform with smaller size

these two devices can carry out packaging production and digital post press processing of a wide range of signs and display materials, so how to choose well cover pressure testing machine? This article fills the technical gap of Kongsberg series workbench for everyone

as PMMA artificial eye can effectively preserve up to 7 layers of color, the effect after wearing is as rich in three-dimensional sense and realistic and symmetrical color dispersion as that of filled artificial eye

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