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ERP: build a service mode with Chinese characteristics

at present, domestic ERP manufacturers are gathering, and foreign bargains or domestic local specialties are launching fierce attacks on nearly 10 million large, medium and small enterprises in China all the time. Everyone is attacking cities and lands in their respective fields, some of which have become classic projects, and some projects are abandoned halfway. What causes these ERP projects to have different destinies? Each product needs to adapt to local conditions, develop itself and constantly improve itself according to the surrounding environment. ERP services are no exception. In China, we should build an ERP service model with Chinese national conditions and characteristics

each ERP company has its own unique ERP consulting implementation methodology and service views and experience, but China is a country with rapid development, and Chinese enterprises have strong Chinese characteristics. This unique Chinese characteristics divide ERP project services into three parts of the world, making some ERP service modes simply unworkable in China, and some ERP service modes can be slightly modified to adapt to Chinese characteristics; Another part of ERP service mode can be used directly

for Chinese large, medium and small enterprises with Chinese characteristics, our ERP manufacturers need to build an ERP service model with Chinese characteristics

at present, the business of each company is developing rapidly and the products are constantly updated, but our project delivery capacity is obviously insufficient. The project implementation is delayed or it is difficult to accept and deliver for a long time, and the implementation link has become the bottleneck of the business development of the whole company. Whether we can break through this bottleneck will determine whether we can maintain a benign and sustainable development in the future. Otherwise, the signing of the sales staff will only form a large number of accounts receivable, which are difficult to collect, and customers complain. How to get out of the difficult situation of project implementation and acceptance and achieve rapid delivery is the top priority for each implementation department

there are many factors that affect the progress and effect of project implementation. In order to solve the main contradiction of the problem, we need to grasp the key factors that affect project implementation as the starting point of touch key operation. We have selected more than 20 typical large and medium-sized projects, conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of each stage of project implementation, and found and summarized ten main factors that lead to the delay or expiration of project implementation:

first, static data preparation. The static data preparation stage of project implementation requires customers to provide complete basic files and inventory balance, purchase balance, sales balance, etc. as of a certain point in time. However, in the manual operation mode, the basic files of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and so on often do not have a unified classification and coding system, or even a unified name, and the balance is usually only broken down into categories, so it is difficult to prepare the basic files and opening data as scheduled. Even if it takes a lot of time to sort out the data, its accuracy is difficult to guarantee, resulting in repeated checking and modifying the data, which often makes the data preparation work originally planned to be completed within a week be completed after a month, while the actual business data has occurred, which brings great trouble to the later business processing, resulting in the project always "parallel" or "simulated operation" with the old system, The smooth switching as planned cannot be achieved

data preparation is one of the keys to the successful implementation of the project. If the data preparation is successfully completed on schedule, the project implementation has been half successful. A good start will bring confidence and hope to the later project implementation. On the contrary, if the data preparation lags behind or there are problems, it will put us into a passive situation at the beginning of the project. At the beginning of this stage, the project manager should clearly inform the customer how to provide complete and accurate basic files and opening balance, and assist the customer in the classification, coding and sorting of files, so as to achieve the completion on schedule

second, the customer pays attention to the project implementation, lacks the participation of key users, and it is difficult to guarantee the human resources of the customer, which is also a major factor affecting the project implementation process. We don't expect the participation of "top leaders", but we need the support of key users. Key users act as a bridge and are the specific executors of relevant decisions of the project team, and will lead business personnel to complete all work as planned

the person in charge of the project must participate in the whole process of project implementation. The client needs to have a special person in charge of personnel coordination, scheme discussion, demand confirmation, plan approval, and promote the project implementation together with the implementation consultant. However, customers only pay attention to the results, often ask the consultants what to do, and do not listen to the implementation of the consultants' suggestions and opinions, while the actual results are exactly opposite to the expected results; Or because of the lack of personnel cooperation, the project cannot continue; Or after the project is run, the enterprise itself cannot be responsible for maintenance and later optimization. Customers think that the project implementation is the business of the software supplier. They only need to learn to use it, but the system is ultimately maintained and optimized by the enterprise

at the initial stage of project implementation, there is a lot of work that needs to be implemented by the project team, and the client often delays due to business and personnel reasons. The project manager should regularly summarize the stage work, analyze the existing problems, summarize the phased results of the project implementation, and formulate the implementation plan for the next stage, so as to win the attention and trust of the enterprise managers

obtaining the trust and attention of the client is the basic guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project. If all tasks can be completed on time, the implementer and the client can jointly promote and solve the problems together, the project implementation will naturally develop in a good direction

The core technology is in the hands of Switzerland, Japan and other countries.

third, the training effect is eager for success, the training is not formal, and the training environment, personnel and courseware are simple, so the training effect is greatly reduced. Customers have insufficient understanding of the function, process and design idea of the software, and the later communication and coordination, scheme design and process design also copy the manual mode, or adhere to the manual mode. They can't accept the changes brought by the new system, so the project manager's scheme is difficult to implement. Due to the poor training effect, there are too many data input errors in the later stage. The implementation consultant has to spend a lot of time checking the data and correcting the data errors

good training helps customers truly understand the processing flow and design idea of the software, accept the changes brought by the new system, and help implement the optimized scheme designed by the consultant. Training on project management can help us avoid project risks

the training must let customers understand the whole process of implementation and the contents and objectives of each stage, and let customers understand that the value that implementation can bring to customers is to combine the advanced design idea of software with the reality of the enterprise, which can help enterprises cultivate a group of compound talents who understand both business and computer technology. For projects with poor training results, customer satisfaction is certainly not high

fourth, the demand expands. Customers often think that software can solve all problems and replace management. Whether this problem can be solved or not, the implementation scope and objectives of the project are unclear. The larger the project is, the smaller it becomes, the medium it becomes, the large it becomes, and the large it becomes super large. All these are the bad results of the expansion of demand. The project manager should focus on the control of the project. As soon as the demand expands, it will be like a gap in the river embankment, which will become larger and larger and out of control

the project manager must adhere to one of the most basic principles: generally, don't easily agree to such requirements - what can you do for us. One today, there will be a second tomorrow, and there will be a third the day after tomorrow. As long as you promise once, it will come one by one. When it is never over, the project will certainly lose control and it is impossible to have final acceptance. In order to control the demand within a certain range, we should avoid talking with general business personnel, establish the authority and confidence of consultants, and contact customers as experts

for small and medium-sized projects, the demand should be controlled within a certain range, and the customer must be clear about the scope and objectives of implementation. Specifically, about this project, what can we do or should we do, and what can't or shouldn't we do

v. unrealistic promises of salespersons because the market competition is very fierce, salespersons often make some unrealistic promises, and these promises need to be fulfilled by the implementation consultant. Because these promises cannot be realized, customers do not recognize them, and some projects even become negative examples

before making a commitment, the salesperson should listen to the opinions of the implementation consultant. He can agree to the requirements that are conducive to sales and are not very difficult to achieve, but he must be cautious about the requirements that cannot be achieved at all. As long as you promise, you must realize it. We should ensure the successful application of customers, mutual understanding between sales and implementation, and achieve the benign interaction between sales and implementation, so that implementation can better serve sales and customers

VI. products and technology software products always have some small and detailed problems. Some customers can solve them through flexible solutions, and some customers simply cannot accept flexible solutions. In February, 2002, when we were implementing the business of the headquarters of a large commercial wholesale enterprise, the customer's demand for the processing of shipping orders was as follows: one shipping order entered multiple commodities, but printing required one copy of each commodity to be printed (in five copies), and then invoicing and delivery were made one by one according to the printed documents, which was called "order drawing". The rest were the documents that were not invoiced and not delivered, which needed to be printed by department, salesperson Customer, commodity and other conditions to count the quantity, amount and number of documents that have not been invoiced and issued. The implementation consultant tried to change this practice of "order drawing", but after in-depth business research, it was found that "order drawing" was very suitable for this trade wholesale enterprise. With this method, business processing was simple and not easy to make mistakes

but we know that standard software products can't solve such problems at all, so the implementation consultant should come up with a solution as soon as possible, because the business can't deal with this problem without solving it, and this "bill drawing" problem has been delaying the progress of the project. The implementation consultant reflected this problem to the implementation manager, technical consultant and technical director. The technical director held a project analysis meeting and decided to carry out customized development of the "order drawing" business on the premise of maintaining the database structure and overall architecture of the standard software. In just three days, the problem of "drawing orders" was solved, and the project continued to proceed as planned. With the resolution of this problem, the customer and the implementation consultant also regained their confidence

product ability is the most basic ability that a qualified consultant must have. He knows every detail of the product like the palm of his hand, so that he can design an optimized scheme and reduce the risk of project implementation. The higher requirement is technology, which solves some specific problems through technical means, such as data import, writing triggers, and customized development

VII. Implementation consultants and customized scheme implementation consultants generally have at least relevant project implementation experience and rich application experience, and they are mainly responsible for ensuring the correctness and feasibility of the scheme. Implementation consultants should have the quality of "consultants". They need to constantly summarize and accumulate application experience and write out the implemented projects

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