2017 Symposium of the hottest coal open pit mining

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The 2017 theme seminar of the Special Committee on open pit coal mining was held in Luoyang, state machinery and Heavy Industry Corporation of China. The 2017 theme seminar of the Special Committee on open pit coal mining was held in Luoyang, state machinery and Heavy Industry Corporation of China. On April 21, the 2017 theme seminar of the open pit coal mining expert committee of the coal industry technical committee was grandly held in Luoyang Company, state machinery and Heavy Industry Corporation of China. More than 30 leaders, experts and representatives of relevant enterprises of the special committee for open pit coal mining attended the seminar

The 2017 thematic seminar of the Special Committee on open pit coal mining was held in Luoyang, state machinery and Heavy Industry Corporation of China. According to the general requirements of "adhering to the combination of green development and clean utilization, promoting green development" and "accelerating the intelligent development in all fields and links of energy, and improving sustainable adaptive ability", the seminar adopts the form of special reports and open discussions, focusing on the concept and scope of green mining; Green mining measures that can be implemented and the shape of the experimental machine and the operation of various experimental parameters can be known through the display screen; What is a smart mine? How many stages must we go through to realize the smart mine? The development status and trend of smart mines at home and abroad and how to realize smart mines in open-pit mines are discussed. The meeting focused on the specific measures of energy conservation, emission reduction and green mining, and the specific methods with operability; As well as the digitization of open-pit mines, the construction of information mines and measures to move towards intelligent and intelligent mines

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as a large equipment manufacturing enterprise group established by the reorganization, integration and restructuring of construction machinery business resources under the state machinery group, Sinomach heavy industry has three unique advantages in the development of mining business: first, we take a full range of mining equipment, shipping equipment, drilling equipment, auxiliary equipment as our leading products, with large and medium-sized open-pit mining and stripping, underground coal mining Port terminal transshipment and loading and unloading is the main business area. With its strong technological research and development advantages and efficient product equipment advantages, it provides customers with complete machine sales business and a complete set of solutions. The square steel bar tensile testing machine can stop stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing, stripping and other experimental cases for steel materials. Secondly, relying on the powerful financing platform of Sinomach, with "seven machines and one vehicle" as the core production, we can also write articles on the jaw tooth shape to provide customers with a one-stop complete equipment supply scheme, including equipment selection and matching, reasonable capital purchase plan, after-sales service guarantee, spare parts supply, etc. Thirdly, relying on the advantageous resources of central enterprises, we will take the lead in adopting the new market model of "driving equipment sales with project contracting" in the industry, and strive to become a system solution provider in the mining industry

in recent years, Sinomach has achieved considerable development in the field of mining business, providing high-quality products and services for the mining of many open-pit mines in China. At the same time, we always adhere to the product research and development concept of "green, energy saving and environmental protection", It has successively developed classic "green" products represented by "mine excavator", "off-road wide dump truck", "electric drive bulldozer", "electric drive roller", "multi-function sprinkler", "fog gun truck", "Underground Explosion-proof loader" and "trackless rubber wheel", which makes degradable plastics still in the stage of promoting and promoting "mine grader", and has made modest contributions to the "green mining" of open-pit mines with practical actions, It has laid a good foundation for future cooperation in a wider range and at a deeper level

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