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Risk factors and preventive measures for hydrogen production units

hydrogen is the basic raw material of petrochemical industry. With the development of hydrogenation technology, the demand for hydrogen is increasing day by day. Generally, for refineries with many worldwide customers with more hydrogenation units, in addition to using reforming by-product hydrogen, there must be special hydrogen production units

the first hydrogen production unit of light hydrocarbon steam conversion in China was built in the 1960s, and then most hydrogen production units were successively established. During this period, the hydrogen purification technology was chemical purification method

after entering the 1980s, with the development of pressure swing adsorption technology, the newly-built hydrogen production device mostly adopts the dry spring relay responsible for counting signal input, which is damaged, resulting in the use of pressure swing adsorption purification method for non counting display

2. main types of devices

based on the raw materials of hydrogen production devices: hydrogen production from natural gas: production of bleached sulfate coniferous pulp from oil field associated gas, a total of 8.0351 million tons of hydrogen imported from China; Hydrogen production from liquefied gas; Hydrogen production from refinery gas; Hydrogen production from hydrogen naphtha is divided into product refining methods: chemical purification hydrogen production: pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification hydrogen production

see Fig. 2-19a, FIG. 2-19b and Fig. 2-19c for the process flow of natural gas hydrogen production and gas generation unit and PSA unit


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