Dangerous point analysis and control measures of t

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High voltage circuit breaker test dangerous point analysis and control measures

operation content: measuring insulation resistance, measuring dielectric loss factor of 35kV and above low oil and high oil circuit breakers, measuring leakage current, AC withstand voltage test

dangerous microcomputer controlled electronic testing machine is your better choice: personal electric shock

control measures:

1.1 measuring insulation resistance, It is difficult to change the wiring or discharge the equipment to the ground at the end of the test

1.2 reliable measures should be taken to prevent wrong intervals

however, the brutal market situation and competitive situation have forced the relevant enterprises in the 5 gold plastic industry chain to constantly seek excellence. On the edge of the cliff, 1.3 insulating tools and instruments should be checked before each use

1.4 work in the fence, and no one is allowed to work on the equipment during the test

1.5 when conducting AC and DC voltage withstand test, the tester shall keep a sufficient safe distance from the booster equipment

1.6 the metal shell of the test device should be reliably grounded, and a bipolar knife switch with obvious disconnection point should be used

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