Dangerous points and pre control of the hottest el

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Dangerous points and pre control of electric welding operation

1 Scald, fire, explosion in the process of testing and production China recently took the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology

1) welders should wear canvas overalls and work hats, their tops should not be tied in their pants, their pockets should be covered, and their feet should have shoe covers and wear welding gloves

2) it is not allowed to weld on the equipment with liquid, gas pressure or electrified. If it must be carried out under special circumstances, it should be approved by the competent production leader (Chief Engineer) of the Bureau (company), and reliable safety measures should be taken

3) it is forbidden to weld on containers containing inflammables and explosives or on objects with wet paint

4) it is forbidden to weld in the open air when the wind force exceeds level 5 or in rainy and snowy weather

5) it is forbidden to weld in the room where inflammables and explosives are stored. During outdoor welding, the horizontal distance from inflammables and explosives shall not be less than 5m, and reliable safety measures shall be taken, with necessary fire-fighting equipment

6) wear white light goggles when cleaning the welding slag, and avoid beating the welding slag in the direction of yourself and others

2. Electric shock injury

1) it is forbidden to use defective electric welding machines and tools

2) the fixed or mobile electric welding machine shell and workbench must be well grounded

3) the wires used in the electric welding machine must be well insulated flexible wires, and the joints should be wrapped with reliable insulation

4) the exposed conductive part of the electric welding machine shall be equipped with a protective cover

5) when closing and opening the power isolating switch, wear dry gloves, and the other 4 Replace the sealing ring regularly. Don't press your hand on the electric welding machine. When the electric welding equipment is powered on, don't touch the conductive part. When replacing the welding rod, you must wear welding gloves. When the welder leaves the workplace, you must disconnect the power supply

6) when welding in a wet place, the welder must wear rubber insulated shoes on a dry wooden board

7) the chair of the welder must be made of wood or other insulating materials

8) it is forbidden to lay live insulated conductors. It is mainly suitable for novice entrepreneurial users and users with relatively small output to use it on their bodies or under their feet, so as to prevent heavy objects or vehicles from hitting and pressing conductors to prevent electric leakage

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