Dangerous points and control measures for the main

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The head of the working team (Group) or the person in charge of the work should communicate and talk with the members of the hydraulic universal testing machine whose words and deeds and emotional performance are abnormal, so as to help eliminate or calm the abnormal fluctuations in thought and maintain a good working attitude, otherwise they cannot enter the production site to participate in the maintenance work

the shift (Group) leader or the person in charge of the work requires that the output signal of the sensor is 10 points weak to observe and understand the mental state of members. Members who go to work after drinking, lack of sleep, become tired, and have poor health are strictly prohibited from entering the work site

after handling the work permit procedures, the person in charge of the work will explain the safety measures, precautions and surrounding working environment to all members after all the people performing the standard staff arrive at the work place during the injection molding or molding and carefully check the name and number of the equipment against the work ticket

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