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Mold manufacturing characteristics analysis

(1) mold production characteristics

mold experimental machine is not controlled. The production and manufacturing technology of mold experimental machine integrates many technologies of mechanical processing, including mechanical and electrical processing, and it is also inseparable from the manual operation of fitters

① selection of mold production mode

a) mold production with small batch of parts adopts the mode of single piece and preparation

b) the parts are produced in complete sets in large batches

c) if the same part product needs more than one mold to complete, the continuity of the front and back should be maintained during processing and adjusting the mold

② characteristics of mold manufacturing:

replace the transformer or rewind the transformer; If the voltage stabilizing circuit of the electronic universal experimental machine is abnormal

a) there are many processing contents in the same process, so the production efficiency is low

b) don't disassemble the main pendulum easily, requiring workers to have a higher technical level

c) the size and position of some working parts of the mold must be determined after testing

d) it is necessary to test, adjust and repair the mold after assembly

e) the mold production cycle is generally long and the cost is high

f) mold production is a typical one-piece production, so the production process, management mode and manufacturing process have unique regularity and particularity

(2) steps of mold production

① mold drawing design includes mold general assembly drawing and part drawing

② formulate the process specification, that is, formulate the processing technology and operation method of the whole mold or parts, and fill in the process card

③ the production of parts is to process parts according to the process formulated on the process card

④ assembly

⑤ mold testing and adjustment adjust and correct while testing on the press until qualified parts are produced

⑥ inspect and package the appearance, make a good mark, and pack the other tested products with the mold

(3) process method of mold processing

① casting processing zinc alloy casting, low melting point desirable casting, beryllium copper desirable casting and synthetic resin casting

② cutting, ordinary machine tool processing, profiling milling, forming grinding, engraving, CNC machine tool processing

③ special machining electrical machining (EDM, wire cutting, electrolysis) corrosion machining ultrasonic machining

④ rough machining aims to remove most of the allowance

⑤ finish machining has large and uniform pores, narrow particle size distribution and fast plasticizer absorption, so that the workpiece can achieve high machining accuracy and surface quality

⑥ finishing and polishing, grinding of guide post and guide sleeve

(4) basic requirements of mold manufacturing process

① ensure the processing quality

② ensure the manufacturing cycle

③ ensure low cost

④ improve the process level

⑤ ensure good working conditions

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